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Virus International: Ultimate Training & Recovery Gear

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When you’re constantly on the water, you want gear that is reliable so that you can simply focus on your paddling. You also want gear that is comfortable, versatile, looks good, and is built for speed and recovery. Virus is a brand that does just that.

Virus makes clothing with the athlete in mind. Featuring men’s and women’s styles, their line includes pants, shorts, board shorts, long sleeve shirts, tanks, t-shirts, sports bras, and leggings. Their line includes three unique and high performance fabrics: CoolJade, Bioceramic, and Coffee Charcoal. The CoolJade is a naturally cooling fabric that is made with recycled Jade and is designed to help the wearer stay cool, dry, and comfortable. The Bioceramic Performance Series is specifically engineered for endurance and recovery. And the Coffee Charcoal is a performance series designed for staying warm, dry, and comfortable while training.

During long training sessions, my two biggest qualms are that I easily get overheated and sore muscles typically follow, oftentimes taking a while to fully recover. So, I decided to put Virus’s compression and stay cool gear to the test. They sent me their Bioceramic V2 Compression Pant, Raven Stay Cool Sports Bra, and Widow Stay Cool Crop Rashguard.

Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

All three pieces were specifically designed with endurance athletes in mind. The pants are constructed to enhance athletic performance, endurance, and speed up recovery time through their heavy-duty construction and nano-technology.  They also feature a two-inch waistband and internal drawstring, for maximum comfort and support.

The sports bra is durable, comfortable, and stylish—the perfect top for any female paddler. The bra features Virus’s unique stay cool fabric in the front and mesh panels in the back, allowing for a cool, comfortable workout.

Finally, the crop rashguard is the perfect top for all conditions. The long sleeves help keep you protected from the sun while the stay cool fabric helps reduce the skin’s surface temperature and keep you cool. The compression top works to compress the body from the wrist to the top of the torso, which allows for maximum upper arm motions and takes unnecessary pressure off the core.   

Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

After spending some time on the water training in my Virus outfit, I can easily say I am very impressed by the quality and functionality of their pieces. The fit of each piece is snug yet comfortable, allowing for maximum performance in all conditions. The stay cool gear does just that, helps you stay cool, while the compression gear works to enhance performance while simultaneously speeding up recovery time. Made up of a team of athletes, including pro paddlers Shae Foudy and Candice Appleby, Virus is a brand that is tried and true, making it the ideal performance brand for athletes of any level.


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