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Nemo sleeping bag, paddlexaminer, camping

Gear Review: Nemo Equipment’s Jazz Sleeping Bag & Roamer Mattress

One of my favorite things about paddling is the opportunity it provides to explore new places. Whether my travels take me across...
outrigger, paddlexaminer, gear, paddling

The Gear I Wore: Looking Back on the California 2019 OC-6 Season

The 2019 California OC-6 racing season came to a close this month with the annual Catalina Channel Crossing. The season ran just...
Go Lite Apparel, PaddleXaminer, Hala Nass

Gear Review: Go Lite Apparel

PaddleXaminer met with Go Lite at the Summer Outdoor Retailer in Denver back in June. GoLite is the maker of sustainable performance...

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Rebecca Parsons, PaddleXaminer, Keep it Green, NSP Cocomat technology, paddling, coconut

NSP’s CocoMat Technology: Green and Good Lookin’

Examining NSP’s CocoMat Technology Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater, and all-around waterman saw a need for affordable, durable, versatile, and high performance boards...
Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo, Sayulita, sup examiner, sup, stand up paddling, sup surfing, isa games, fiji, cloudbreak, mexico, team mexico

Meet Sayulita’s Newest Star – Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo

A Conversation With Felipe Rodriguez Lorenzo - SUP Athlete and All Around Waterman The idyllic Mexican fishing town of Sayulita has produced a line of...
Hanohano Huki Ocean Challenge, PaddleXaminer

Paddling News: What’s Happening Around the Community

In Brief Kialoa and Werner Paddles merge Kialoa, founded in 1991 by Hawaii native Dave...
suploops, sup examiner, audrey lee

Suploops: Resistance Bands Customized for SUP

Gear Review: Suploops Suploops was created by Doug, a former software company executive who was an avid paddler of canoes and kayaks for over 30...
sup the workout, stand up paddling, Matt Wiggins, sup examiner, indigo board

My Journey to Stand Up Paddling

My story is not just about becoming a stand up paddle boarder but also a journey to fitness and a community. It all began...