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    Seven Amazing Places in Europe for Kayaking

    Virtually every region in Europe has something to offer for paddlers and thrill seekers. You may have seen Ten Places to go Standup Paddling in the Fall, PaddleXaminer’s previous article on where to go standup [...]
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    Balance: Paddling’s Essential Element

    Exploring the critical component of balance I am 52 years old. OK, I’ve said it. My two teenage sons tell me that I’m really old and they could be right. However, I don’t feel like [...]
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    Shark Encounters: Tips for Safe Paddling

    Observe sharks safely and return to paddle another day Local paddlers plying the waters of the southern section of the Santa Monica Bay, known locally as “The South Bay”, know the area is somewhat of [...]
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Stability Drives Ability: Choose Your Craft Wisely

by Matt Chebatoris in Paddling Tips 0

One of the most common mistakes made by paddlers choosing a new surfski or standup paddleboard is purchasing a craft that is too unstable. Sleek and narrow paddle craft can be fast, but only if [...]
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
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