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    Coffee: Make the Cup you Love with ESPRO

    Ultralight coffee press from ESPRO The name sounds spookily like espresso and for good reason. Espresso coffee is often considered to be in the genre of sophistication and refined tastes. And that’s just what you’ll [...]
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    H2O Audio BTS: Floating Bluetooth Speaker

    Waterproof – Bluetooth – Floats Most of the time when I’m out paddling I’m unplugged from the world. It’s just me and the sound of the wind and the waves rushing by. Then there are [...]
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    Best Performance

    Spotlight on Dr. Bob Arnot

    Journalist, physician, humanitarian, philanthropist, and multi-sport athlete To delve further on the topic of longevity, stamina, and true endurance, this interview shines the spotlight on Dr. Bob Arnot. It was an honor to speak with [...]
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In the Spotlight

SunSoaker Helps Adventurers Seize Daylight

by Matt Chebatoris in Gear 0

Rollable + Lightweight + Durable = SunSoaker We’ve all been outdoors with a low battery on our device at one time or another. More than likely, it has happened more than once. Sure you can [...]
Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.
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Inside the Lineup

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Inside the Lineup

Simply San Onofre

SUP Surfing at San Onofre, Southern California’s iconic surf beach San Onofre. The very name instantly conjures up a specific image in the minds of surfers. It is a destination for many and the home […]

Best Performance

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Pumped Up Paddler

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