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SOSpenders Belt Pack PFD from Sterns

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The SOSpenders 16 gram manual belt pack from Sterns is a lightweight, low profile, Coast Guard approved Type V belt pack style PFD. The exterior of the belt pack has an integrated small velcro pocket as well as a small carabiner-style spring clip. The SOSpenders PFD contains a CO2 cartridge which can be activated by pulling the activation cord to inflate the PFD. There is also a manual blow tube for use as a backup or if you should need to top off the PFD with additional air. This PFD does not have contain a whistle.

The SOSpenders belt pack PFD is available in two color choices: blue/white or camouflage.

User Weight: More than 80 lbs (36 kg)  Chest Size: 30-52 in (76-132 cm)

Best Fit

The SOSpenders belt pack PFD from Sterns is our go to PFD for flatwater paddling and will suit paddlers of all ages who are comfortable in the water and possess good swimming skills. The SOSpenders belt pack is not designed to keep your head above the water and is approved for inland waters, not offshore use.

Fully inflated Sterns SOSpenders PFD.

The lightweight, low profile SOSpenders belt pack PFD is comfortable to wear and you will quickly not even realize you have it on. The velcro pocket works well for holding a set of keys or lip moisturizer and the carabiner style spring clip is a useful accessory for attaching a variety of small, lightweight items. The PFD could be improved with the addition of an integrated whistle.

Always read the label on your PFD for a list of complete operating instructions. Rules and regulations governing the use of PFDs may vary from country to country. Always consult local regulations to verify compliance. Wearing a PFD while stand up paddling is not a substitute for knowing how to swim. Learn the local conditions and your own limitations before entering the water.

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