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Gear Review: Fifty-Fifty Bottles

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The growing interest in environmental sustainability is fueling a resurgence in the designer water bottle market as cheap, disposable plastic bottles of water become increasingly unacceptable. Enter Oregon-based Fifty-Fifty Bottles, the makers of a colorful range of double-walled, vacuum insulated bottles for everything from water to wine.

Fifty-Fifty Bottles – The 40oz-er

I also found the 40 oz bottle was a great way to have cold water for my hydration pack which I’d use at outrigger practice after a day at work. The Fifty-Fifty Bottle consistently kept my water cold and fresh. In fact, these bottles are so great they can hold ice for over 24 hours!

The 32oz-er

Next in the lineup is the 32oz bottle. I found the 32oz-er to be a great bottle for using at work. The double-walled vacuum insulation means you never have any annoying condensation on your desk – even when your contents are chocked full of ice! Additionally, the 32 oz bottle has a nice weight and stocky shape to it, which makes it less likely to be accidentally knocked over.

In a stroke of genius, the manufactures incorporated a fantastic two-finger carry handle into this bottle’s cap. The ergonomically shaped two-finger handle is exceedingly comfortable and I found it to be a great way to carry the bottle without feeling like I was lugging something around. If you are traveling somewhere where you want to carry a decent amount of water with you, but know you’ll have the opportunity to refill, the 32 oz-er is a perfect option.

The Sophisticated Side of SUP

Last, but certainly not least, is Fifty-Fifty’s double-walled, vacuum insulated 750mL wine growler. The 750mL wine growler is the perfect treat for all those parents out there assembling picnic lunches while their groms are paddling their little hearts out. Never again do you have to take a glass wine bottle outdoors and then fumble around when you realize you forgot to bring a corkscrew. Red, white or rose, Fifty-Fifty Bottle’s wine growler is the ticket! We’ve used ours on picnics in the park and evening concerts in Marina del Rey to equal satisfaction.

If you want your wine chilled, simply chill it in the refrigerator and then decant it into the Fifty-Fifty Bottle wine growler and get ready to enjoy. I also found the wine growler works well to keep the wine from an opened bottle a lot fresher than simply sticking a cork in the opened bottle.

Fifty-Fifty Bottles are available in a sensible selection of sizes and an exciting range of bold colors – perfect for the outdoors or office. There is also a selection of accessories available, including carry handles and different bottle caps. Since it is summertime here in Southern California, I’ve only used the bottles for cold beverages. Even so, as the name cleverly suggests, Fifty-Fifty Bottles are designed to keep hot drinks hot just as well as they do cold drinks cold. Stay tuned for a winter evaluation in a few months!

Water bottles, as we know, can be very beneficial on a hot day or when we’ve exerted ourselves. They can also be beneficial to your business and act as a vehicle to distribute your branding into the public whilst having a huge ROI. They will impress customers and serve as a keepsake of their experience with you. Visit Custom Water to find out more.

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40oz MSRP: $29.99 32oz MSRP: $27.99 750mL wine growler MSRP: $24.99


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