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V Cold Paddle Pant from Vaikobi

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Australia is home to many of the world’s finest watermen and waterwomen. It is therefore unsurprising to find that Sydney-based paddle sports apparel manufacturer Vaikobi has designed a pair of comfortable, fully flexible, performance oriented cold weather paddle pants to meet the needs of stand up paddlers who may find themselves deterred from getting on the water in cold weather or early morning paddle sessions. The design of Vaikobi’s V Cold Paddle Pants has been tweaked since they were first introduced to provide an even greater degree of comfort while maintaining a performance edge – a signature aspect of the company’s product line.

V Cold Paddle Pant from Vaikobi

Vaikobi’s V Cold Paddle Pants

  1. Articulated cut throughout provides maximum comfort while paddling

  2. Seamless seat panel

  3. Scooped back and low front design

  4. Hybrid blend of fabrics to allow the pants to breath while keeping your body warm without overheating

  5. Antibacterial properties

  6. Designed to be worn in conditions below an apparent air temperature of 16.5 C (62 F); e.g. the temperature it “feels like” based on the combined effects of air temperature, wind speed and relative humidity

SUP Examiner’s Take

The V Cold Paddle Pant is a stylish and fully functional performance driven product. Beginning with the sizing, we found the V Cold Paddle Pants fit accurately as described by Vaikobi. SUP Examiner found the performance of the V Cold Paddle Pant to be incredible. They feel great and offer complete flexibility and range of motion while keeping your legs warm throughout your session. The strategic placement and style of the stitching is well thought out and clearly reflects a paddler’s input, e.g. this product was not designed on a computer by someone who didn’t understand the performance needs of a stand up paddler.

The stretchy, lightweight hydro-fleece material of the V Cold Paddle Pant construction makes them easy to put on and take off without excessive bunching up or clinging to your body. The material is also sufficiently breathable so that if you put the V Cold Paddle Pants on inside your house and then go load up your gear in your garage before your session you are not going to suddenly overheat before getting on the water.

Vaikobi recommends the V Cold Paddle Pant be worn in conditions below an apparent air temperature of 16.5 C (62 F). Based on our experience testing the product on a number of cold morning and evening paddles throughout a range of conditions we found this to be an accurate recommendation. If you are looking for a well-designed, product that will keep you warm without sacrificing performance or comfort, the V Cold Paddle Pant meets our standards for recommendation.

Disclosure: Vaikobi provided SUP Examiner with a product sample, however, the opinions expressed are our own.

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