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SunSoaker Helps Adventurers Seize Daylight

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We’ve all been outdoors with a low battery on our device at one time or another. More than likely, it has happened more than once. Sure you can pack spare batteries or portable power packs. But these take up precious space and can contribute to the weight of your load. You can now go off the grid with the piece of mind you don’t have to go without power. As long as there is sunlight, SunSoaker will generate clean, environmentally-friendly, renewable power.

SunSoaker was one of the unplanned introductions I made at Outdoor Retailer this past summer. The tech is more flexible and durable than other consumer oriented solar panels I’ve seen in the past. Simple to pack, it rolls up in an approximately 10 inch tube, and weighs a mere 3.2oz – 5.5oz depending on your model. SunSoaker will enable you to keep taking photos, shooting video, listening to music or whatever it is you like to do without worrying about battery life.

The solar panels are weather resistant, but should not be submerged. Probably the most important product safety tip is to always roll your SunSoaker, never fold it. If you do, you’ll crack the construction and it’ll be game over.

SunSoaker is currently available in 5W and 10W kits. The 5W variant is optimal for small devices like smartphones, power packs, Bluetooth speakers and cameras. The 10W’er can generate enough solar power to run an iPad or similar tablet computer. Each kit comes with four suction cups and four carabiners so you can quickly secure your SunSoaker and start charging your device.

How does it work? Just like plugging your device into an electrical socket at home. So long as there is daylight, the SunSoaker can generate power. If it is dark, well, you’re out of luck. A simple way to determine if there is enough daylight is to check for your own shadow. A full shadow will result in a fast charge. A partial shadow will mean a slower charge. No shadow, you guessed it, no charge.

Charge your devices anywhere there is sun!

I’ve been using a 10W kit the past couple of months and absolutely love it. It has worked reliably each and every time I’ve rolled it out. The second best part about the SunSoaker is it is durable. I’m notoriously hard on things…ask my wife for a list of the things I’ve managed to break, you may want to bring a chair and your favorite beverage. SunSoaker’s storage tube is super convenient to pack in your backpack or toss in the back of the car for an adventure. The solar panel easily charges any device with a USB connection, and I’ve tried them all. Hands down my favorite new piece of outdoor tech!

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