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Gear Review: DeckBagZ Retro SUP Gear

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My wife and I were out furniture shopping one day after we moved to Los Angeles when we overheard someone comment, “That’s not old fashioned, that’s retro!” Fast forward to the contemporary SUP era where Florida-based DeckBagZ has brought the SUP community a fashionable and highly practical deck bag for stand up paddleboards with its own take on classic, retro surf styles.

After months of testing and evaluation, I’ve concluded that the DeckBagZ Retro SUP Deck Bags are one of the most useful SUP accessories on the market today. I realize that’s a fairly tall order, but this is a fantastic product ideally suited for recreational paddlers. So much so, I would recommend it to any shop or resort operating a rental fleet.

Here’s why. The DeckBagZ  deck bag is designed by paddlers for paddlers. For consumers, this translates into a product that has all the right features and functionality you’d want and expect from a well designed and hand tested product. Simply put, this is a great accessory that will enhance your experience on the water.

Do you need a place to store your flip flops? How about storing a GoPro on a selfie stick? Snacks and a cell phone? Waterbottle? Check! What about a convenient place to secure your paddle while you snap a photo of your latest epic adventure or first time paddling? The DeckBagZ deck bag does it all.

Attaching a DeckBagZ Deck Bag to Your Board

Many SUPs designed for touring are equipped with a bungee cargo system on the bow. This is a great place to attach your deck bag by simply connecting your bag to the D rings securing the bungees. If your board does not have a bungee system or D rings, a DeckBagZ deck bag can easily be attached using the custom designed Suction Cup Mounting Kit or EZ Plugs (each sold separately as an accessory) depending on your board and preferences.

In addition to the two accessories described above, there is also a custom designed dry bag, water bottle coozies in multiple sizes, along with a variety of neoprene bags and shoulder straps available.

Each bag measures 18″ x 13″ x 5″ and weighs approximately 15 oz. They are available in a jazzy selection of stylish colors, including the “Retro Red” model used in this review.

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The creators chose style over waterproofness, meaning DeckBagZ are a place to keep your waterproof stuff in a secure place that looks amazing on your board.

Each and every bag is handmade Florida and tested along the Gulf Coast. The bags use YKK marine grade zippers ensuring they will stand up to heavy use and harsh saltwater conditions. I recommend rinsing your bag with fresh water after each use and simply hang it up to air dry before heading back out on the water.

MSRP: $119.99 www.deckbagz.com

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