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New Product Alert: Knog Headlamp

by admin

Knog, a market leader in smartly designed outdoor accessories and lights, has introduced an innovative new headlamp. The Knog Quokka takes many of the features of the celebrated Bandicoot headlamp and packs ‘em into a headlamp that’s lighter and intuitively designed for the every-day camper, paddler, and outdoor enthusiast.

Using Knog’s iconic silicon for the head strap as well as the housing, Knog has designed a light unit akin to Might-Mouse with four powerful modes that’s USB rechargeable, dimmable, and more intuitive than any other product in the space. With a water-resistant rating of IP65, the Quokka can be used by paddlers for nights on the lake, early morning ocean paddles, and easily washed off with the garden hose after a long weekend outdoors.

Disposable batteries are a scourge on the very environment that headlamps are made to appreciate. In that vein, Knog designed the Quokka with a USB-rechargeable battery that can be recharged from flat in three-and-a-half hours.


  1.  $24.95 USD

  2. USB-rechargeable 

  3. Weight: 49 grams 

  4. Each of the 4 modes is dimmable 

  5. Soft silicone band 

  6. Water Resistant to IP65 

  7. Recharges from 0-100 percent in 3.3 hours  

  8. Easy adjustable strap with toggle

Knog was founded in 2002 as an Australia-based outdoor product company. The brand is the lovechild of co-founders Hugo Davidson (designer) and Mal McKechnie (engineer) who shared the same vision: to make unboring things.


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