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Coffee: Make the Cup you Love with ESPRO

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The name sounds spookily like espresso and for good reason. Espresso coffee is often considered to be in the genre of sophistication and refined tastes. And that’s just what you’ll create with the ultralight coffee press from ESPRO – the world’s lightest (7.4 oz) vacuum insulated stainless steel brewer. The 12 fluid oz 2-in-1 brewer has a patented double micro-filtration system that completely seals out grit ensuring you get a perfect beverage all the way down to the last drop.

The ESPRO ultralight press can be used for either coffee or tea. The micro-filtration system is designed to stop the extraction / steeping process so your last sip will always taste as good as your first. Screw on the lid and you can keep your favorite beverage hot for up to eight hours. Not interested in coffee or tea, simply remove the filter and use it with any beverage. (It holds up to 16 oz with the micro-filtration system removed.)

Here’s how it all works:

  1. Twist to lock both micro-filters together

  2. Screw the filters onto the rod

  3. Add 15-22 g (3-4 Tbsp) coarse ground coffee

  4. Add hot water to the “Max” line and stir

  5. Cover with filter and insert drinking lid to seal

  6. Wait four minutes

  7. Hold the bottle and press the filter down slowly

  8. Seal with the leak proof lid and/or drink

I enjoy drinking coffee and there is something about enjoying a fresh cup outdoors that makes it taste even better. I picked up an ESPRO ultralight press after trying out a cup or two at Outdoor Retailer. The design is elegant enough to use outdoors or at the office in a formal business setting. The bottle weighs a mere 7.4 oz, so it isn’t going to weigh you down. It has a slim design that sits and feels great in your hand and best of all, it makes damn good coffee. So good in fact I often use mine at home.

Imagine yourself here!

When traveling or off on my latest outdoor adventure I pack my ESPRO along with my JetBoil so I can quickly craft a brew anytime, anywhere. I’ve used a couple different coffee press bottles over the years and with the exception of the ESPRO ultralight, each and every one has produced a measure of grit and bitter tasting coffee towards the end. I’m extremely pleased with the results this durable coffee press in a bottle produces and give ESPRO a strong recommendation to coffee lovers everywhere.

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