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NSP’s CocoMat Technology: Green and Good Lookin’

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Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater, and all-around waterman saw a need for affordable, durable, versatile, and high performance boards in the lineup. He set out to create a light yet strong surfboard at an affordable price. Buzz worked alongside friends to create a new epoxy technology to bring the board of his dreams to life. Throughout the manufacturing process, Buzz referred to his design in code, simply calling it the “New Surf Project.” Ultimately, the name stuck, and in 2001, NSP was born.

Fast forward 17 years and NSP is paving the way for innovative designs and technologies yet again. Their love and respect for the environment inspires them to continually search for new ways to reduce their carbon footprint. They’ve taken extra steps to ensure their manufacturing process has as little impact on their favorite playground as possible.

Commitment to the environment

NSP was the first board manufacturing company to implement shape molded SecureCell EPS foam blanks. This process is used for both their surf and SUP boards and results in essentially zero foam dust waste.

In an effort to use the most eco-friendly materials as possible, NSP uses a bio based resin made by Sicomin Epoxy Systems. Sicomin is a French company focused on formulating and supplying new and environmentally enhanced green epoxy systems. NSP’s Cocomat boards are coated in a high performance bio epoxy resin—28% of its molecular structure derived from plant and vegetable matter.

Another way NSP is pushing the industry towards greener alternatives is through the use of water-based dye pigments in their Cocomat boards. Contrary to traditional dyes, water-based dyes contain zero solvents or toxic additives.

NSP’s line of Cocomat boards are the most sustainable and eco-friendly of all of their boards. The line is wide and includes options for both surf and SUP. On the surf side, there’s the Coco Endless (9’6”), the Coco Hooligan (8’4” or 9’0”), and the Coco Dreamrider (7’2” or 7’6”), all available in two color options. On the SUP side, there are a number of different shapes made for different conditions including the Performance Touring, Cruise, Lotus, Allrounder, and DC Surfwide. Each style of boards comes with different size and color options, making it easy to find a board best suited to your needs. The coconut husks are visible throughout the board, giving it a unique and beautiful natural look.

NSP is proud of their commitment to the environment and their innovative eco-conscious boards. They are recognized by Sustainable Surf’s Ecoboard project, with 90% of their boards featuring Sustainable Surf’s Ecoboard logo. New for 2018, NSP is partnering with Harmless Harvest, a coconut water producer. Through the partnership, Harmless Harvest will provide coconut husks from organic farms to be used in the Cocomat technology.

Keep it Green!

Here at PaddleXaminer, we are committed to protecting our planet and seeking out sustainable alternatives whenever possible. We are excited to announce our partnership with NSP. Over the next 12 months, we will be testing out their Coco Endless Longboard and their DC Surfwide SUP. We will be bringing you engaging content on the performance of the boards, how to extend the life of your board, and tips on how you can be a greener paddler. We’re excited for the journey and we hope you’ll join us.


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