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Gear Review: Cozy Noze

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Ever have your sunglasses or glasses fog up while wearing a facemask to keep your neck and nose warm? Well Cozy Noze has the solution for you! Cozy Noze has a patent pending designed neck warmer which prevents your glasses from fogging up.

The way Cozy Noze works is the soft trim on the top of the mask forms around the nose to stay in place to block the warm air from escaping up to the eyeglasses. The key is to give the material a quick pinch around the bridge of your nose to keep it in place. The founder and designer of Cozy Noze, Lori, developed the product after a photography trip to Yellowstone National Park in the winter. Lori wears glasses and tried all types of neckwarmer products, but always ended up with the same result; foggy glasses. “I’m happiest anytime I can be outside with my camera,” Lori says. “Now I can photograph with clear glasses.”

PaddleXaminer tested Cozy Noze in December in Nebraska. The Cozy Noze material is soft on the face. Wearing the Cozy Noze was comfortable, kept my nose warm and kept my sunglasses from fogging up on the sunny yet chilly day! Plus, Cozy Noze acts as a facemask if I need to run into the grocery store and wear a facemask due to COVID-19. We do recommend washing Cozy Noze before first using. Feeling adventurous, go for a winter paddle and keep your nose and neck warm with Cozy Noze!

The product performs as advertised! Cozy Noze comes in a plethora of different designs, just check out their website for more information.

Fog free glasses in a pinch!

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