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Matthew Chebatoris PaddleXaminer met up with Body Glove rep Katie at the Summer OR in Denver this past summer. We looked at some of Body Gloves boards but one item which stood out to us was the Pr1me 3/2mm zipperless men’s fullsuit. The Pr1me is designed with Evoflex which is ultra light, flexible, and warm construction. The Pr1me was super flexible while paddling on Lake Dillon and the Colorado River. I barely noticed any resistance in movement. What I loved about the suit, even at 3/2mm is ho Matthew Chebatoris GlideSoul wetsuits bring a splash of color to the lineup My love affair with the ocean began some twenty years ago, the moment I was old enough to comprehend the immensity of its glory. A decade ago, I got my first wetsuit and my summer fling became a year-round affair. With the changing seasons and passing of time, swells came and went and I cycled through a number of wetsuits, but my passion for the ocean remained strong. Like nearly every other face in the lineup, every we

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