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Sea Eagle Inflatable Paddleboard Offers Versatility

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Stand up paddling is fun, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if your board was able to convert to other paddlecraft? Many of us have jumped in a kayak at one time or another. Rowing too has broad appeal and has been around for centuries. Too many options to chose from? With Sea Eagle’s interchangeable system of accessories you have the option of expanding your horizons by easily converting your inflatable paddleboard to a kayak or rowing craft.

If you are a die-hard stand up paddler, the ability to convert your inflatable paddleboard into a kayak or rowing craft is not going to be for you. But for someone with a family where one child wants to kayak, another is interested in trying out SUP, while dad just wants to relax and row, the interchangeable accessories may be an option worth exploring.

Fishing mounts on the rowing rig.

I played around with both the kayak and rowing options to see just how easy it would be to convert the inflatable paddleboard into a different craft. Converting to a kayak is pretty straight forward and something many beginner paddlers have likely done at one time or another, albeit without the benefit of a seat or kayak paddle. The Sea Eagle kayak seat, like the paddleboard itself, is inflatable. It inflates in mere seconds using the same pump you use to inflate the paddleboard, but with an alternate hose and attachment. Once inflated, all you have to do is clip it to the D-rings in the center of the Sea Eagle inflatable paddleboard and voilà, you now have a kayak! You can then complete the set up with a standard issue Sea Eagle two-piece kayak paddle.

The Sea Eagle rowing rig requires some assembly, but this is straightforward and painless. The rowing rig attaches to your inflatable paddleboard by cinching down two straps through the D-rings on your board and looping them around the rig. The seat is extremely comfortable and swivels from side to side. As an optional extra, you may attach up to three Scotty Mount fishing rod holders to the rowing rig – two on the sides and one directly in front of the seat.

Once assembled, there is no need to take the rig apart. That is unless you do not live directly on the water and need to transport your inflatable paddleboard and the rowing rig to your paddle / rowing location. The size of your vehicle will dictate how much of the rig you need to disassemble for transport. Fortunately, the rig is constructed with a series of large bolts with oversized, e.g. easy to turn, plastic knobs. In other words, Sea Eagle anticipated users may want to disassemble the rig for either transport and/or storage depending on your situation. All said and done, the rowing rig is probably best suited for paddlers who live close to the water and do not have to transport their equipment in a vehicle.

Learn more about the full range of Sea Eagle’s interchangeable accessories for inflatable paddleboards by visiting seaeagle.com.

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