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Waterlogged Adventures X Operation Open Water

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Waterlogged. For most, the word instantly conjures up an image. It may be positive for some while others may reflexively shudder with negative mental imagery. For Morgan Hoesterey, Sydney Terrell and Whitney Erickson – the team behind Waterlogged Adventures – waterlogged is simply a way of life. Earlier this month I had the privilege of attending a six hour breath control and ocean confidence course run by the Waterlogged team during a session hosted by Operation Open Water, a California-based non-profit organization which provides ocean and open water experiences for veterans and first responders.

Our day began on the pool deck at a Huntington Beach area high school. After a round of introductions, me and the nine other students received an overview of the basics around breathing and some insights into the science behind breath control. From there we donned our wetsuits and spent the majority of the next five hours in the pool where Morgan and her team professionally led us through a series of activities and assessments. Each activity was incrementally a bit more challenging as new elements were introduced. From the initial static apnea test to my favorite, the rock walk, we tested our confidence and ability to perform basic tasks in a safe and controlled underwater environment.

It had been years since I’d received any type of formal underwater training – going back to my time as a Naval Aircrewman in the 90s and early 2000s. For me the session was a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with a part of my past in a fun, informative, and no pressure environment. More importantly, the breath control training and insights are highly transferable skills to give me a mental framework which I can apply at my job in risk management at one of the Big Four global professional services firms when confronted with challenging situations. The new breath control skills are also a natural complement to my favorite ocean hobby of surfski paddling.

Waterlogged Adventures offers a wide range of classes and excursions for all ages. Visit their website to learn more about their offerings and check to see when Waterlogged will be in your area.

Operation Open Water is a California-based non-profit with the goal of leading a movement where adventure is a backdrop for fellowship and reviving the souls of those who serve our communities and our country. To learn more about the activities hosted by Operation Open Water visit their website and make a connection when the time is right for you.

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