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Gear Review: Vaikobi V Cold Storm Paddle Pants – One Year On

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A version of this article in Japanese is available at the conclusion of the original text. The Japanese version is made possible through a partnership between SUP Examiner & Everything SUP Japan.

Cold weather paddling

Do you have a favorite piece of gear? Most outdoors people do. When it comes to cold weather paddling I swear by my Vaikobi V Cold Storm paddle pants. I’ve been wearing the V Cold paddle pants for over a year now and during that time I’ve come to embrace paddling in temperatures where going out in just a pair of board shorts and top is no longer desirable. The pants have the benefit of a wetsuit, but with the specificity of being designed for paddling. To this end, the Australian company constructed the pants with multiple, rugged stitching and articulation points throughout the pants so they naturally fit and move they way you do when paddling.

Vaikobi recommends wearing the pants when the temperature is at 15 C or less (approximately 59 F) and I’ve found that to be a good benchmark. The coldest air temp I’ve worn them in has been around 4 C and I was plenty warm and can easily envisage wearing them in even colder temps, should conditions warrant doing so.

Features on the V Cold Storm paddle pants include:

  1. Featuring V Cold Technology which controls your body temperature for maximum performance

  2. Seamless seat panel

  3. Articulated cut

  4. Scooped back and low front design

  5. Body temperature management system which allows your body to breath as you heat up

At the outrigger club in the V Cold paddle pants.

Examining how well the Vaikobi V Cold Pants have held up

I regularly wear my V Cold paddle pants for SUP and outrigger canoeing. They are an essential piece of gear during my outrigger club’s early morning winter OC-1 practices when we’re bobbing on the water in the reflective glow of the city lights before sunrise. One of the nice features of the pants is the cut of the waistband which has a higher back section to maintain coverage when you are in a seated position. This works really well in the outrigger canoe and prevents exposing any bare skin to the cold water/air while paddling. They also pair very well, understandably so, with Vaikobi’s V Cold paddle tops.  

These paddle pants are super easy to maintain, just rinse with freshwater after use and hang them up to air dry. I have two pairs and am essentially wearing one pair or the other in a constant rotation throughout the winter paddling season. There is a lot of different gear for cold weather paddling out there, but this is what I use and is what I recommend when the mercury begins to drop.

V Cold Storm paddle pants: $129 AUD

Learn more at: vaikobi.com

This article has been supported by collaboration partners SUP Examiner & Everything SUP Japan.

コラボレーションパートナーでSUP Examiner™の創設者、マット・チェバトリス氏による「Vaikobi Vコールドストームパドルパンツ(1年間使用)」の製品レビュー

Vaikobi Vコールドストームパドルパンツを1年間着用してみて…

皆さんにはSUPやアウトリガーカヌーなどのパドルスポーツをする時のお気に入りアイテムがありますか?恐らくほとんどの方があると思います。ちなみに私は寒い日にパドリングする時はいつもVaikobi のVコールドストームパドルパンツを着用しています。




Vaikobi Vコールドストームパドルパンツの特徴について



  1. 特別なカッティングが施され、肌に馴染みやすく動きやすい

  2. ウエストの前部分はローカット、腰部分はハイカットでかがんだ時も安心

  3. 体温管理システムで肌が「呼吸」しながら、温かさをコントロール









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