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Vaikobi Adds New Colors to Their Range

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That’s me in the Vaikobi VCOLD Hydro Flex Top.

Our good friends at Vaikobi have added a bit of flair to their VCOLD range with the incorporation of Navy and Gray options. Vaikobi’s VCOLD products are designed with a combination of materials that are strategically placed throughout the garment to maximise comfort and performance. Athlete proven and tested, the design and fabrication development has been subtly refined for over a decade.

All the materials are super stretchy and used across the entire unisex size range (XXS -XXL). The VCOLD range of products are designed to keep you warm, comfortable and performing at your best as the seasons change so you can be prepared for the conditions on any given day.

  • Pants now in Black or Navy

  • Shorts now in Navy

  • Hydroflex top now in Black or Navy

  • Base top now in Gray/ Cyan

About the Range

VCOLD FLEX is an engineered fabric with a perforated fleece lined neoprene. This thermal regulating material provides insulation and warmth while also being highly breathable.

VCOLD Hydroflex is a heavyweight plush water-repellent fleece for colder temps. The strategically placed Hydro-mesh panels prevent you from overheating.

VCOLD Base layer – fabric is a lightweight fleece with water repellent function perfect for cool conditions.

Our Take

We’ve been wearing Vaikobi VCOLD apparel for over four years and the thought of paddling without it is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. Why would you do that?! The comfort and performance is unrivaled and highly recommended for paddlers of any ability or paddlecraft. You’ll look great and paddle with the confidence in knowing that you’re wearing the very best.

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