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The Pocket Monkey from Zootility Tools: Lightweight Universal Tool for SUP

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In a world full of quick fixes and nifty gear, the Pocket Monkey made by Zootility Tools stood out as an inexpensive universal tool stand up paddlers could easily toss into a pocket in their gear bag and never again be without a screw driver.  It is made from heat-treated stainless steel and the manufactures claim it will not bend, break or rust. We like the Pocket Monkey best for its simplicity. There are no moving parts on this little gem of a universal tool. We’ve been using one for several months now and based on our experience, these manufacture claims have held up with flying colors.

The Pocket Monkey has 12 separate features:

  1. Bottle Opener

  2. Flat Screwdriver

  3. Philips Screwdriver

  4. Micro Screwdriver

  5. Phone Kickstand

  6. Bottle Opener

  7. Letter Opener

  8. Door Latch Slip

  9. Hex Wrenches

  10. Ruler

  11. Headphone wrap

  12. Straightedge

  13. Orange Peeler

The screwdriver features work well for tightening down the fin screw into your SUP and we’ve found the letter opener feature is useful in extracting the flat nut from your fin box after use. The bottle opener is a great feature to have as well for obvious reasons. All in all, we recommend the Pocket Monkey. It is a lighter and less expensive than a Swiss Army Knife and unlike a knife, it is TSA approved so you can take it with you when you board an aircraft.

The tool is available in two models: Basic and Deluxe. The tools and the functionality are the same and the only difference is how the text is applied to the stainless steel. On the basic version the text is stamped in, while the deluxe version has the text laser-etched in black.

MSRP: $12 basic, $14 deluxe www.zootilitytools.com 

Disclosure: Zootility Tools provided a sample for review, however, the opinions expressed are our own.

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