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Hamboards Classic, Skating, landpaddling, Merrell

Carving Up Perfection On the Hamboards Classic

The 6’6” Hamboards Classic is a Carving Machine This is the second article in an ongoing series about land paddling a Hamboards Classic. Looking ahead as...
Nikau Kai, PaddleXaminer, Surf shop manhattan beach

Nikau Kai Waterman Shop: Manhattan Beach, California

Nikau Kai Waterman Shop 909 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266 Nikaukai.com Phone: 310-545-7007 Hours: 10 - 6 Weekdays | Closed on Tuesday | 10 - 5 Weekends Lessons: Yes Rentals:...
Sensi Graves Bikinis, PaddleXaminer, Rebecca Parsons

From the Pacific Northwest: Trew X Sensi Collaboration

New collaboration among PNW neighbors Sensi Graves Bikinis is stoked to announce our new collaboration with outerwear brand and fellow Pacific Northwest local, TREW Gear to bring...
desert lake, las vegas, kayaking, paddling, paddlexaminer

Kayaking in the Desert – Las Vegas Kayaking Options

In the United States, some of the most popular places to kayak include Juniper Run in Ocala National Forest, the Boundary Waters...
Hala Rado, PaddleXaminer, Hala Gear, Whitewater SUP

Hala Rado: Rocking the Whitewater Paddling Scene in Colorado

PaddleXaminer is featuring the Hala Rado in a series of articles testing the Rado in different situations such as on rivers and...