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SUP Wheels: The Solution to SUP Transportation

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Races intimidate me. Not so much the actual act of racing but finding the venue, parking, and getting my board to the start line. Races are typically crowded and parking is hard to come by. If I wind up finding a parking spot half a mile to a mile away, I’ll be exhausted by the time I get my 12’6” race board to the start line.

In fact, the thought of trying to figure out how to get my board to the water is what prohibits me from paddling a number of desirable destinations. I’ll think of somewhere I’d like to paddle and then calculate the logistics of parking and getting my board to the water and conclude that it is more trouble than it’s worth. Am I taking the easy way out? Maybe. But I just don’t have the upper body strength to carry my board great distances. And if I bring a newbie friend with me then paddling anywhere that requires walking is out of the question.

That was until I discovered SUP Wheels.

SUP Wheels is the world’s leading brand for paddle board transport and is compatible for biking as well as walking. The patented transport systems are able to carry up to two boards, either surf or SUP. The kit comes with the wheels, a bungee, and a comfort handle.

Kits include step-by-step instructions that proved to be a little challenging to figure out. After struggling for a moment, I hopped on the SUP Wheels’ website and found their set-up video to be easy and helpful. Once I had my transport system put together securing the board took less than a minute to load and unload.

Transporting my board on even terrain was a breeze and required me to carry very little of the actual weight of my board. I was able to slip my paddle under the bungee, freeing up my hands. Wheeling the board over the sand proved to be as simple and much to my surprise, the transport system even withstood a rocky slope. I found that setting up the comfort handle was unnecessary but definitely helpful once my board was wet and slippery.

SUP Wheels is a great investment because it opens up a world of paddling opportunities. It allows you to travel greater distances at ease and eliminates the stress of transporting your SUP. I am excited to see just how far my SUP Wheels will take me.


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