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Product Review: Oars + Alps

by admin

There are many different sunscreen options out there, and a new one seems to pop up every few months. That’s how Oars + Alps came on my radar this summer; it was a chance last minute meeting at the Summer Outdoor Retail convention in Denver. I’m pretty open-minded so I listened to what they had to say.

The origin story is what first got my attention. The company was founded by two women with outdoorsy husbands. The options for skin care were either too expensive, or had ingredients you’d need a Ph. D to spell, let alone understand what they do to your body. So they took matters into their own hands resulting in Oars + Alps. Oars + Alps use only natural ingredients which are actually found in nature; see their website for a comprehensive list. Skin care is important, and should be treated with care.

Our Take

I sampled a few of Oar & Alps products this summer, including sunscreen, chapstick, cleansing wipes. The sunscreen goes on smooth and is not greasy like the cheap sunscreens you can pick up at the local retail store. It comes in a smart container which fits easily in my gear bag. The chapstick does the job when out in the sun on a long paddle, but I still prefer Burt’s Bees for my everyday chapstick. The clear stick sunscreen is nice because you can apply it just like a deodorant stick, but to your face, arms and legs. My favorite was the Cooling + Cleansing wipes! Designed for after outdoor activities, I would use it after a morning paddle. The cool feeling of the wipes, coupled with the arctic blue ice crystals and Caffeine. This gets the workout grim off your body and gives you a cool clean feeling. The ice crystals help breakup any tough spots and feel nice on the skin; and yes Caffeine can be absorbed through the skin so it’s like drinking a bit of coffee too!

Oars + Alps has a plethora of skin care products you should definitely check out!

Retail Prices:

  • Sunscreen 6oz bottle $16

  • Clean + Cleansing wipes box of 14 for $16

  • Three pack lip balm $12

  • Go Stick Clear Sunscreen $14

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