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PaddleXaminer 2022 Father's Day Gift Guide

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The Salamander Kayak Cart with our Nelo surfski on top.

Whether you are at a complete loss or just looking for a little inspiration, don’t worry. PaddleXaminer’s 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide is here to help!

Shelta Hat

Dad’s love hats and no one makes a better hat than Shelta. With a range of styles and colors to choose from, Shelta’s UV protection, lightweight, performance driven hats are the #1 headgear at PaddleXaminer. They are fantastic for any adventure on or off the water.

Think Tank Freeway Longhaul 50

If you’re a paddler, you have gear. And if you have gear, you need a way to organize and carry it. Enter the Think Tank Freeway Longhaul 50. Coming in at 17.1” W x 12.8 “ D x 13.75” H (43.5 x 32.5 x 35 cm and weighing just 1.o kg, the Freeway Longhaul 50 is the perfect way to carry your gear. Part storage crate – part duffel bag, the Freeway Longhaul comes with an integrated divider to organize your items or simply lay it flat in the bottom of the bag so it is out of the way. There is also an integrated zipper cover to keep a lid on things.

Bubi Bottles

Silicone water bottles are a fantastic way to carry your water while paddling. Lightweight, soft (no banging around in your boat), and BPA & Microbial free, Bubi Bottles are a fantastic environmentally friendly way to carry water. Each bottle comes equipped with a splash shield insert and a carabiner. They can also be used as a drybag for storing small items!

Orange Screws

Quite possibly the most innovative tent stake on the market, Orange Screws are a must have for securing tents, pets or anything that needs to be tied down! Orange Screws work exceedingly well in sandy soil where traditional tent stakes typically fail. These are so great you’ll wonder aloud how you ever lived without them.

Salamander Window Dry Bag and Kayak Cart

The Salamander Window Dry Bag has a 5″ wide transparent window running the length of the bag which makes it super easy to view your contents. The dry bag is a fantastic option for when you need to store a few items during a day on the water. No paddler should be without a reliable dry bag and the Salamander Window Dry Bag is one of our go to’s.

The Salamander Kayak Cart is an amazing little cart that will make transporting your kayak over a distance a breeze. Built with heavy duty 10” “no flat” all terrain tires, an integrated 1” wide strap for securing your kayak, and four foam pads to gently hold your boat, the Salamander Kayak Cart will revolutionize transporting your recreational kayak to the water. Best of all, the entire cart assembly collapses for easy storage when not in use or can easily substitute as a stand for your boat.

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