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FUGOO GO Bluetooth Speaker: Get Out and Go

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“Enjoy great music wherever life takes you”, states the introductory line in the product description for the FUGOO GO Bluetooth waterproof speaker. The FUGOO GO was designed to deliver large and loud music to “go” with the active lifestyle of a paddler. Waterproof and rugged with 360º audio, a built-in bungee style mounting cord and 10 hours of battery life. The speaker comes in two color options, essentially color highlights on a black, pill-shaped Bluetooth speaker.

I’ve tested a few different Bluetooth speakers over the years and none have come close to the audio quality of the FUGOO GO. The company designed the GO to be an outdoor speaker and it excels. Seriously, the first time I turned mine on a smile crept across my face as the deep bass of the introductory powering on sequence pulsed. This speaker will truly rock! If you are accustomed to the tiny sound produced by far too many Bluetooth speakers, prepare to be impressed. And if one is not enough, the FUGOO GO may be paired with a second speaker to double your output!

Easily secured using the “bike mount” to an OC-1 i’ako.

Each FUGOO GO is equipped with an integrated bungee style lanyard for securing your speaker. If that doesn’t fit your style, there are a range of attachment mounts available (sold separately). I opted for the “Multi-pack” which has three options, including the OC-1 i’ako mount, which is referred to as a “bike mount” in the packaging! Designed to be attached to the handlebars of a bicycle, the bike mount fits perfectly on the i’ako of an OC-1. The volume buttons on the FUGOO GO are designed to be used outdoors, e.g. they are large and easily accessible.

I tested the FUGOO GO paddling a friend’s OC-1 and the sound quality is so good it’s ridiculous! Even with the ambient sound of the wind and waves, you will not need to have the speaker on max volume in order to hear your music. That is unless you want to! In that case, you can really pump out the tunes. The ability to pair two FUGOO GO Bluetooth speakers is epic creates the ability to really expand your musical footprint, making the FUGOO GO a great option for any activity on or off the water.    

Here’s a short Instagram video clip captured on my GoPro illustrating the FUGOO GO in action!

Product review! @mattchebatoris trying out the @fugoolife waterproof blue tooth speaker 🔊. Comes with an optional OC-1 iakoo mount! 🤙🏽 🎶 📻 🌞 Stay tuned 😉for his full review. #rockandroll #paddling #waterproof #greatsound #easytouse @sheltahats

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