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Minus33 Merino Wool Thermal Wear

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Founded in 1916 in Ashland, New Hampshire, Minus33 cherishes the principle of creating high quality performance clothing for the outdoor community. The company draws inspiration for its products through the real life experiences of its employees living in the harsh New England climate. They love to be outside and are proud to create a quality product which can be shared across the spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts from hikers and campers to extreme athletes.

I’m an avid camper and enjoy combining camping with paddling and surfing – particularly at California’s Doheny State Beach – home to one of the best beach camping locations on the West Coast. With limitless access to outdoor activities, the park is a destination for many and home territory for a lucky few fortunate enough to call the surrounding area home. For the rest of us, the well-appointed campground at Doheny beckons and when the sun dips below the horizon the temperature begins to drop signaling it’s time to layer up.

To prepare for the winter camping season, I picked up a mid-weight merino wool top & bottom from Minus33. Known respectively as the Chocorua (top) and Kancamagus (bottoms), each piece is named for a prominent natural feature of the New Hampshire landscape. The pieces are available in a wide range of colors to suit different tastes and I went for a versatile all black. The ensemble evokes a classic ninja look and is as exceedingly comfortable as it is warm. Both pieces are assembled with flat lock seams which prevent chafing and allow the clothing to move with you. I chose the Minus33 gear with the intention of using it as my cold weather camping pajamas, but the Chocorua and Kancamagus are each well designed and suitable for use as a baselayer for any terrestrial outdoor activity where you want to add warmth without the bulk of heavier clothing options. With the merino wool gear from Minus33 I’ve been able to extend my time outdoors and in doing so, have a lot more fun!

Visit Minus33 to learn more and prepare for the cold winter months ahead!

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