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All Good Sunscreen: Environmentally Friendly Products

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Located in scenic Morro Bay, California, All Good was founded in 2006 with a collection of all-natural skincare products made from simple plant-based ingredients. The brand offers a diverse range of chemical-free zinc sunscreens and muscle recovery sprays, lip balms, lotions and coconut oils. Each of All Good’s products is designed to complement an active, healthy lifestyle with their organically grown formulas.

All Good made a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility from the beginning. The brand is a B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet. They also endorse campaigns for safe cosmetics by testing their products on people rather than animals.

In 2017, All Good released a range of reef friendly water resistant sunscreens free of oxybenzone, a chemical known to cause coral reef bleaching. Each formula is made with zinc oxide plus organic botanical ingredients and received a top rating from the Environmental Working Group.

We’ve had an extraordinary Indian Summer here in Southern California giving me ample opportunity to try out a few different reef friendly sunscreen styles from All Good. My favorite was the Sunscreen Butter SPF 50+. The Zinc-based sunscreen comes in a stick application for easy use. No need to worry about getting your hands slippery and fumbling your paddle after applying the sunscreen. The packaging is also super easy to carry in a backpack. Small enough to be manageable, yet providing an ample amount of product for multiple sessions outdoors. I found the Sunscreen Butter was non-greasy, moisturizing and did not leave an annoying residue on my skin.

Another standout was the All Good SPF 15 Lip Balm. The zinc oxide-based product goes on clear and comes in four flavors: original, tangerine, spearmint and chai. There is also a Sport and Kid’s Sunscreen, each SPF 30.   

All Good is an authentic California lifestyle brand with a clear vision designed to inspire others to live in a true balance with nature. Learn more about the great brand and their full range of products at AllGoodProducts.com

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