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Merrell All Out Blaze Aero Sport: Your Go Anywhere Water Shoe

Gear Review: All Out Blaze Aero Sport water shoe When it comes to adventure paddling the gear requirements are markedly different from the average outing on the water. For me, the word adventure is synonymous with gear and over the years I’ve come to appreciate having the right items to suit the task. The right gear should accentuate your outdoor experience. It should help you go further and have a more complete adventure. And when the task at hand is paddling down a rocky ri Matthew Chebatoris

Merrell All Out Blaze Flips: Endless Summer Comfort

Gear Review: All Out Blaze Flips Here in Southern California flip-flops are not merely seasonal attire. They are our footwear of choice. I even have a pair I jokingly refer to as my “dress pair”. That said, wearing flip-flops on a continuous basis can have the unfortunate side-effect of wearing on your knees. This is where the Merrell All Out Blaze Flips come into their own. A few additional features worth highlighting: Neoprene lining on the straps; super comfortable but it Matthew Chebatoris

A Los Angeles River Adventure: Standup Paddling the Urban Jungle

Standup paddling on the Los Angeles River is an urban adventure like no other. As with any good paddling adventure, getting to your destination is part of the fun. You plan, you pack and you head out to attain epic glory. Or at the very least, a fun day on the water! I chose to use a Hala Radito for my most recent outing. Designed for whitewater and expedition paddling, the 10’x34”x6” Radito was a perfect platform for a late season trip on the Los Angeles River. The Radito is Matthew Chebatoris

Exploring Palos Verdes: Bluff Cove to the SS Dominator

Coastal exploration on the Hala Playa My favorite attribute of paddling the Hala Playa is the board’s versatility. The Playa is incredibly fun to surf in small to medium-sized waves. It also makes a great board for just getting out on the ocean and exploring. Importantly, because it is an inflatable, you can take it places no hard board could go. You can get off the beaten path and access what I like to think of as denied territory. That is to say, you can truly get out there Matthew Chebatoris

One Pair of Sandals Does it All

Exploring Utah in a pair of Merrell All-Out Blaze Convertible sandals Waiting for my flight at LAX. Last month I took a trip to Utah with my brother. We planned to take part in the 4th annual Back of Beyond standup paddleboard race down a seven mile stretch of the Colorado River near Moab and spend some time exploring Arches National Park. For me, it was a two-part journey. First, I hopped on a convenient Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Denver. My brother prompt Matthew Chebatoris

Gear Review: Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible

Not all sandals are created equally and the Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve Convertible sandals easily distinguish themselves from the competition. In the interests of full disclosure, I’m a long time fan of Merrell shoes and outdoor wear. I have summited Mt. Whitney and a range of other peaks wearing Merrell boots and regularly wear a pair of their casual street shoes to work. It was therefore a pleasure to have the opportunity to test out a pair of waterproof sandals for the SU Matthew Chebatoris

Paddling On the Wild Side? Protect Your Feet With Merrell’s Capra Rapid

The Capra Rapid Stand up paddling on a river or inland waterway often necessitates a couple different pieces of gear than coastal paddlers are accustomed to using. One of the main items which quickly stands out is footwear. Merrell’s Capra Rapid water shoes are a perfect fit for the outdoor environment where soft sandy beaches are not the norm. I tested a pair this spring stand-up paddling on lakes and rivers in the Colorado front-range where the waterways typically feature r

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