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Gear Review: The Orange Screw Takes Tent Stakes to the Next Level

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For readers unaccustomed to using tent stakes you may be wondering what could be so amazing about the Orange Screw that differentiates it from a regular stake. Why would someone possibly need this product and why will an inexpensive regular old straight peg stakes not work? As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors and has put up a tent in all manner of conditions and soil, the Orange Screw is as superior to normal tent stakes in the same manner that professionally prepared restaurant sushi is to the stuff you buy in a box from the refrigerator section in your local supermarket. In other words, the difference and value proposition is clear from moment you first use them.

About Orange Screws

The family owned business is based in White Salmon, Washington and grew out of a need to secure tents in the blustery Columbia River Gorge. Each Orange Screw is designed with a patented helical shape giving it unrivaled ability to grip and secure virtually anything and withstand punishing high winds. Unlike regular old-fashioned tent stakes which often require using a hammer to penetrate hard ground, the Orange Screws can be easily screwed into the ground by sliding the clear sheath into the screw’s eyelet giving you a firm handle to easily apply leverage to turn the screw. The generously sized eyelet on the top of each screw also allows you to easily use the screws as attachment points for securing just about anything in any conditions. With the ability to screw in your stake, Orange Screw enables you to easily and securely fasten the screw to virtually any type of ground, including soft soil – the historical bane of a straight peg tent stake’s existence – and hard ground without needing a hammer.  

I recently used a set to secure a tarp over the roof of my shed. I needed something which would penetrate the tough, rocky soil and hold up to occasional high winds. I also needed something that I could sensibly attach a rope to as I wanted to loop the rope between the eyelets on the tarp and the ground anchor points. The Orange Screws were perfect for the job and it was just as easy to remove the screws as it was to install them.

Product Features


  1. Weight: 3.6 oz.

  2. Length: 12 1/4”

  3. Thread Diameter: 1 1/8”

  4. Material: Recycled Polycarbonate

Small MSRP: $7 each / $22 for a pack of four

  1. Weight: 1.8 oz.

  2. Length: 9 1/2”

  3. Thread Diameter: 7/8”

  4. Material: Recycled Polycarbonate

Using the Orange Screw is so easy you’ll quickly find new uses for the product – the possibilities are virtually limitless. You’ll never have to contend with a bent tent stake again!

Visit: www.orangescrew.com

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