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Gear Review: Nemo Equipment’s Jazz Sleeping Bag & Roamer Mattress

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One of my favorite things about paddling is the opportunity it provides to explore new places. Whether my travels take me across the globe or to a new secret spot near home, it’s always refreshing to get outside and explore my favorite playground. While the luxuries of a hotel or vacation rental can be nice, I prefer sleeping under the stars to fully immerse in the experience. Camping may seem like the more rugged option but it doesn’t have to be. I recently put Nemo Equipment’s Jazz Duo sleeping bag and Roamer sleeping mattress to the test and enjoyed the comforts of home while on the road.

Nemo’s Jazz Duo is a grab-and-go rectangular style synthetic sleeping bag that takes camping comfort to the next level. The 20-degree bag includes a removable sheet, a draft collar for regulating sleep temperature, a built-in quilted pillow top, and integrated pad sleeves that allow you to attach your sleeping pad to your bag. The Jazz sleeping bag is available in regular, long, and double luxury—the double can fit two people up to 6’4”.

Nemo Equipment’s sleeping bag and pad roll up nice and compact.

The Roamer self-inflating mattress offers all the comforts of sleeping at home in one compact pad. The mattress is 4-inches thick and features soft 50D stretch fabric on top and durable 75D Poly on the bottom. The mattress features two zero-profile valves: one for custom-inflation and the other for fast deflation. Dual-axis coring drastically reduces the weight, allowing the pad to pack down to half the size of competitors while still remaining ultra comfortable. Additionally, the pad includes toggles, giving you the option to connect two pads together.

Be it surf trips, flat water paddling adventures, or simply hiking trips with the dog, my boyfriend and I regularly find ourselves on the road, sleeping in our tent or the back of the truck. During the daytime we like to play hard, but in the evenings we like to set ourselves up for the best sleep possible—so we can do it all again the next day.

On a recent surf trip, we put the Jazz Duo sleeping bag and Roamer mattress to the test. The Jazz Duo sleeping bag is the most well laid out sleeping bag I’ve ever come across while simultaneously being spacious and comfortable. The removable sheet is perfect for California summers—it allows you to unzip the bulk of the bag and stay cozy under the sheet. The sleeping bag easily packs down into a duffle style bag, making tear down quick and painless.

The Roamer mattress is camping comfort at its finest. The mattress’s two valves make inflation and deflation a breeze and allow you to customize the pad to your specific taste. The pads are soft on top yet durable on the bottom, making them perfect for sleeping in a tent or throwing down on top of dirt and rocks. The toggles allowed us to attach them together and the integrated pad sleeves on the Jazz Duo sleeping bag allowed us to attach them directly to the bag, meaning no slipping and sliding during the night. While the two mattresses did prove to be too wide for our truck, they were perfect for sleeping in the tent or camping under the stars. At the end of the trip, everything packed down easily and the compact size made them simple to stow away for our next adventure.

If you’re a fan of camping but also enjoy the comfort of a cozy bed at the end of the day, Nemo’s Jazz sleeping bag and Roamer mattress may be just what you’ve been looking for. Thoughtfully designed, the pair makes for the ultimate comfy camping experience. Here’s to more adventures!


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