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Gear Review: Electric Stacker Sunglasses

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Nothing says summertime like a great pair of sunglasses and the new Electric Stacker is a great option for active paddlers. I had the opportunity to test out a pair for the past month paddling stand up and outrigger and have been highly impressed with their performance. Like most people, I’ve tried dozens of sunglasses over the years. A few of the varieties I’ve tried while paddling have made claims of not fogging up or being fog resistant, yet there has always been a ring of condensation creeping in from the edges during strenuous activity.

The Electric Stacker is the first model I’ve tried which absolutely does not fog up. Period. Nothing. I’ve worn them consistently paddling outrigger with the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club for the past month during practice, time trials, and our most recent 9-man race off Dana Point. The oversized polarized lenses – yes, they are a bit large – worked exceedingly well at protecting my eyes from water spray and never once did they fog up.

Combined with a neon green silicone head strap (I like bright colors!) they stayed firmly in place during the 9-man water changes and survived a wicked huli towards the end of our last race. Even when they were splashed with water they still did not fog up. Impressive indeed.

Features of the Electric Stacker

The sunglasses feature a removable eye mask to block light and the elements from the side, while the frame contains anti-slip nose and temple grips. I removed the eye mask and have not used it while paddling, but I can see its utility for other applications.

A lens ventilation system directs airflow up the lenses and through hidden vents between the lenses and frame, creating a light directional airflow that eliminates fogging. And yes, it really works!

Temple voids allow easy application of sunglass leashes and double action plastic hinges offer twice the strength at half the weight. By using a Grylamid construction, the frames are lightweight and flexible, while maintaining high tensile strength and heat resistance.

Electric’s Melanin infused lenses block harmful UV & HEV blue light while relaxing your eyes and providing vivid, crisp, clear, haze free vision. The greatest benefit of Electric’s Melanin infused lenses is the protection they afford your eyesight and retina. However, the benefits go beyond the eye itself, protecting the sensitive skin around the eye from damaging HEV rays.

These sunglasses aren’t coming off your head. Electric’s anti-slip nose and ear grips are hidden into the frame to make sure that the Stacker’s look good while staying in place no matter what the conditions may be, as evidenced by my experience testing them while paddling outrigger.

I’m not easily impressed by claims of grandeur from a sunglasses company as there are so many models out there which simply do not live up to the hype. The Electric Stacker are an exception. I recommend any paddler to give them a try to see if they work as well for you as they do for me.

MSRP: $180-$260 www.electriccalifornia.com

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