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Paddling Community News

Paddling headlines from around the world Kaiwi Channel Solo. This past Sunday an élite field of 90 paddlers converged on the island of Molokai for the...
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Grass Racks: For the Paddler Who Has Everything

Review: Grass Racks bamboo board racks Grass Racks bamboo gear racks are designed to display your toys on elegant, sustainable bamboo. The company set out...

Socialize and Succeed: The Benefits of Group Training

Why Group Training Training alone, while it can work for some, is a challenging prospect. Top athletes across athletic disciplines all rely on coaches to...
Stevie Bodden, 404 SUP, PaddleXaminer

Stevie Bodden on Life and Paddling

To all the superwomen out there, keep moving forward I had the pleasure of meeting Stevie Bodden with Team 404 this past fall at the...
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Cord Dome: Great for Clubs and Rental Operations

Cord Dome: Shields electrical cords from water Water and electricity don’t go well together. This is readily understood, but sometimes it is useful or even...