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Gear Review: Cold Weather Buffs

At PaddleXaminer we are focused on paddle sports, but in the winter, the mountains in Colorado offer some of the best skiing...
Astral Loyak, Paddling shoes, SUP shoes, water shoes

The Women’s Astral Loyak Shoe: All Day Comfort and Style

The Astral Loyak It’s casual look and flexibility make the Astral Loyak an ideal shoe for traveling, SUPing and just plain living! Intended Use: SUP, Water sports,...
xshot mini tripod, sup examiner, phone gear, camera accessories

Gear Review: A Mini Tripod That Holds It Own

The XShot Mini Tripod Sometimes you need to prop up your phone to take a shot. Selfies, maybe, or a group shot? Unless you want that...

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Exploring Palos Verdes: Bluff Cove to the SS Dominator

Coastal exploration on the Hala Playa My favorite attribute of paddling the Hala Playa is the board’s versatility. The Playa is incredibly fun to surf...
paddling, Hudson highlands, Hudson river, paddlexaminer, paddling

Playing It Safe: A Hudson Highlands Adventure Paddle

Paddleboarding involves risk. Not a lot, but some. You’re on the water, so drowning is always an issue. There are other hazards too: chop,...
TJ Munks, Infinity SUP, Hippostick, SUP Examiner, stand up paddling, Dana Point, Baby Beach, Riverbound Sports

Spotlight on the Future: TJ Munks

Introducing TJ Munks - Arizona’s newest SUP racer I first met TJ earlier this month when I attended the Cali Paddler Retreat 1.0 at Refugio...
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Review: OSEA’s All-Natural Skincare Line

Natural skincare from OSEA Like a lot of athletes, I’ve always been pretty conscientious about what I put into my body. I stick to a...
Molokai to Oahu, Sonni Hoenscheid. Photo, Sussana Teng

Tips from the Top with Sonni Hönscheid

In the past two weeks, SIC Maui Team Rider Sonni Hönscheid has accomplished a remarkable, unrivaled achievement finishing second place in two of 2015’s...