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WindPouch, inflatable hammock, sup examiner

Gear Review- The WindPouch Inflatable Hammock

WindPouch Provides Convenient Comfort Anywhere You Like There’s something to be said for the die-hard paddler that’s on the water sunup to sundown. But there’s...
sup paddles, grass sticks, badfish sup, whitewater sup

Grass Sticks Debuts All Bamboo SUP Paddle

If it works so great for ski poles, why not SUP paddles? That’s the theory behind the SUP Stick, a new line of performance bamboo...
SealSkinz, waterproof socks, sup examiner, socks

SealSkinz Introduces Breakthrough in Waterproof Socks

Innovation in waterproof socks SealSkinz, the company that helps people get out and stay out, whatever the weather, has introduced a breakthrough in waterproof socks...
Ultimate Waterman's Challenge, sup examiner, cabo san lucas, cabo, the arch

Cabo to Host Ultimate Waterman’s Challenge

Ultimate Waterman's Challenge: August 24-27. The four-day event celebrates adventure, music, wellness, and philanthropy through a lineup of water sporting events, chef-driven beach barbecues, ocean...
Conrad Rojas, The Paddle Academy, Youth SUP Program, Brawner Boards

Spotlight on the Future: Conrad Rojas

About Conrad Rojas Conrad literally began stand up paddling not long after he could stand and took his first strokes with his father at the...