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Costa Sunglasses, PaddleXaminer

Gear Review: Costa Sunglasses – Rinconcito & Spearo

Are you looking for you’re next pair of sunglasses? Well, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses has you covered, literally! Costa has been in...
Red Paddle Co, elite msl, sup examiner, marina del rey board review, stand up paddling, michael kelley, mother's beach, los angeles

Review: Red Paddle Co 14ft Elite MSL Inflatable SUP

A review of the 14ft Elite MSL from Red Paddle Co In the auto business they are called “halo cars”. These models are low volume,...
Matadoor Freerain24 2.0, Matadoor Freerain24, backpack, paddlexaminer, waterproof

Backpack Review: Matador Freerain24 2.0

Looking for a truly waterproof backpack? You need to check out the Matador Freerain24 2.0 under their Advanced Series. The Freerain24 2.0 is...

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Paddling Community News

Paddling headlines from around the community From Source to the Sea When thinking of the Thames River, most people likely conjure an image of the section...
suploops, sup examiner, audrey lee

Suploops: Resistance Bands Customized for SUP

Gear Review: Suploops Suploops was created by Doug, a former software company executive who was an avid paddler of canoes and kayaks for over 30...
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Recover Strong With Plant-Based Nutrition

Quick tips on how to reset your body after intense exertion Is anyone else sore after the Pacific Paddle...
California Sea Lion Pup

Save Our Sea Lions: Part One

The West Coast of the United States has experienced a marked increase in the number of California Sea Lion pups stranded on beaches across...
DeckBagZ Deck Bag

Gear Review: DeckBagZ Retro SUP Gear

My wife and I were out furniture shopping one day after we moved to Los Angeles when we overheard someone comment, “That’s not old...