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The Ghost Board: Seen But Never Noticed

I have a ghost board. It’s true! It’s appeared in online magazines and Facebook posts, been part of online profiles and forums. It’s been...
NSP, Rebecca Parsons, Grasssticks DC Surf Wide, Surf sup, paddlexaminer, keep it green, doheny state beach, cocomat range, cocomat boards

Review of NSP’s Sustainable Cocomat Boards

Environmentally friendly board range from NSP In 2010, NSP launched some of the most environmentally friendly boards on the market: their Cocomat line. The Cocomat...
Sustainable Gift Guide, paddlexaminer

The PaddleXaminer 2019 Sustainable Gift Guide

According to Stanford University, Americans throw away 25 percent more waste during the holiday season, amounting to approximately 25 million tons of...
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Gear Review: The Sea Eagle HB96

Lightweight, versatile and fun, the Sea Eagle HB96 is a compact inflatable SUP well suited for beginners to advanced paddlers. The HB96 is 9’6”...
SealSkinz, waterproof socks, sup examiner, socks

SealSkinz Introduces Breakthrough in Waterproof Socks

Innovation in waterproof socks SealSkinz, the company that helps people get out and stay out, whatever the weather, has introduced a breakthrough in waterproof socks...