Spring 2019 Gift Guide for Paddlers

Spring 2019 Gift Guide, paddlexaminer

Spring is the time we start looking for things to improve our paddling quivers. Some you can use on the water, some off. Each one will build up your outdoor mojo, so check these out.

Chawel Nomad Towel

This is something I always forget to pack, which is weird because I’m constantly in the water. This quick-absorbing towel has a hood and arm holes for the paddler or anyone else who needs to get dry quickly or stay warm when the beach is cold. Plus it stuffs itself into a neat sack so it will fit easily in a duffel or tote.

Rheos Classic Square Floating Glasses

I like sunglasses, especially ones that float. These are a great pair that are also scratch and shatter-resistant. Plus they come in different colors! No more straight black or grey (but you can have that if you like it). These reasonably priced shades are great protection for your eyes. And they are polarized, so they cut through the glare on the water.

Spring 2019 Gift Guide, paddlexaminer

SlimSlip Phone Case

One cannot always make it out onto the water. Sometimes weather and winter forces us indoors to the gym. Or maybe you want to cross train and jog or hike. It’s tough finding a case that will allow us to move easily with our bigger and bigger phones. The SlimSlip Case is designed to keep your phone on your waist but also keep the buttons and headphone jack accessible. Plus the case has a sweat barrier which keeps your phone from getting gross!

Allett Leather ID Wallet

If you’re like me, your wallet gets a little thick with credit cards, insurance cards, ID, cash, and an assortment of business cards. Sometimes you don’t want to take all this out, especially exercising when you just might want your ID, cash, and a couple of cards. ID wallets are designed to carry a few things well and slip in your pocket, and the Allet Leather ID Wallet is a great choice. It’s slim and classy-looking, something you would look cool if you were to take it out at a smoothie shop or a party.

Advanced Elements 3.0 Gallon Summer Shower

Advanced Elements, makers of inflatable paddleboards and kayaks, have some great gear for campers and people on the move. If you’re camping and traveling with your board, the 3.0 Gallon Summer Shower is a nifty way to get a hot shower without plumbing. Fill the bag with water, lay it out in the sun for a bit, then you have a hot shower in the go. Privacy curtain not included.

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Ian Berger
Ian Berger grew up in love with the ocean, so discovering stand up paddling was a bit of revelation. Once he bought his first paddleboard, he realized this was the sport for him. Ian Berger lives in Peekskill, NY with his wife Kirsten and three children. He teaches middle school English and drama, and also has a passion for writing, which he shares with his students. Every morning Ian wakes up to write — sometimes science fiction or comic Young Adult novels, sometimes plays, but very often about stand up paddling. The Hudson River is his home turf, and you can usually find him there when the weather is good.


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