Pure Mana Hawaii: Eco-Friendly Skincare from the Land of Aloha

skincare, pure mana hawaii, paddlexaminer
Photo: Lesley Gourley

“Pure Mana Hawaii is from our soil to your soul.”

The Story

Pure Mana Hawaii was born on the Big Island when Sue Mandini and Kollette Stith merged their knowledge of local agriculture, plant medicine, native culture, and expert design to create a line of eco-luxe skincare products. To create their unique collection, they cultivate, harvest, process, and press the only organic macadamia nut oil and organic green coffee oil from their farm on the island.

Every step of the process takes place on the island, from growing the ingredients to bottling them in the lab, so customers are guaranteed to receive the freshest and purest tropical ingredients. The folks at Pure Mana Hawaii believe their skincare products should be used to heal our bodies but should never cause harm to people, animals, or the environment through the production process.

As paddlers, we spend a lot of time in the sun and on the water and our skin takes a beating from time to time. The team at Pure Mana Hawaii sent me a couple skincare products to test out and I’ve been using them to combat the strong rays of the summer sun.

The Products

Sun Serum

skincare, pure mana hawaii, paddlexaminer
Photo: Lesley Gourley

“A powerful, anti-aging blend of organically farmed macadamia, rosehip, evening primrose, and Kona coffee oils restore essential fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to skin.”

The Sun Serum was the perfect way to revitalize and rejuvenate after a long day in the sun. The blend of oils took me on a quick trip to the islands and left my skin feeling perfectly hydrated and refreshed.

Radiant Glow

“Sourced directly from our Big Island farm, organic macadamia nut oil, organic avocado oil, and organic kukui nut oil deeply nourish your skin with the Omega and essential fatty acids necessary for its health. Rich in anti-oxidants, this replenishing elixir promotes cell regeneration, repairs sun damage, and rejuvenates your skin.”

After a day of surfing and paddling, I like to restore my muscles by soaking in an Epson salt bath. The salts work wonders on my muscles but leaves my skin dried out. Applying Radiant Glow after a bath was key in keeping my skin moisturized and healthy.

Divine Balance

“Aloe Vera and willow bark naturally strengthen and revitalize your skin tone for a brighter appearance. Healing Hawaiian sea minerals, absolute rose and rose geranium essential oils replenish your skin and provide a renewed Divine Balance to your skin and well-being.

To be honest, I’ve always been a soap and water, one and done kind of girl and so, have never used a toner. I was worried it might make my face feel oily but on the contrary, it was light and soaked in easily, leaving my face noticeably brighter. The smell was light and fresh, reminiscent of a trip to the tropics.

Invigorating Body Polish

“Sugar cane crystals, highly-caffeinated Kona green coffee beans, and coffee cherry skins exfoliate skin and stimulate circulation, drawing out toxins and breaking up cellulite. Moisturizing macadamia nut, green coffee, and rose geranium oils tone, firm, and brighten your skin.”

This proved to be my favorite of all of Pure Mana’s products. I use a mineral sunscreen and cleaning it off with this scrub was equal parts invigorating and cleansing.  The sugar crystals and coffee easily removed the sunscreen remnants and the oils left my skin feeling fresh and moisturized.


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