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Paddling headlines from around the community

From Source to the Sea

When thinking of the Thames River, most people likely conjure an image of the section running through the heart of London past the British Parliament, the Tower of London and Tower Bridge. But like most rivers, there is a lot more than the most photographed sections.

Paddling the length of the River Thames isn’t something new, but doing it on two standup paddleboards (SUPs) made from plastic bottles is. The Whale Company wants to make a difference and work towards a more sustainable future, which is why they’re taking their message to the UK’s most famous waterway.

The Whale Company is a new charity that aims to promote a connection to nature through sports, the arts and crafts. They want to educate people about how to lead a more sustainable life and encourage children to come up with innovative solutions to the problem of plastic in the world’s waterways.

Our friend Bailey Rosen will be accompanying The Whale Company founders Carlos de Sousa and Carolyn Newton when they set out this month to paddle the length of the Thames, from source to the sea, raising awareness on the perils of plastic pollution in our waterways.

They plan to paddle the length of the Thames, from source to sea, to raise awareness of the issue. They will set out on World Oceans Day 8 June 2018, deliver the children’s messages to parliament on 26 June and complete their 300 km paddle in Gravesend on 28 June 2018. Read the full story here and stay tuned for a first hand account of the adventure from Bailey herself later this summer!

SUPIA Paddle Days are Back

This summer, events will be held all over the US & Canada, focused on getting people outside & on the water enjoying the fastest growing water sport, Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

Retailer, Manufacturer, Instructor, Sales Rep, Coach & Media members of the SUP Industry Association are teaming up to hold these events on waterways all over the country and abroad.

From open houses to lessons and clinics, the focus will be on getting people on the water for a safe & positive experience that leads to increased Stand Up Paddle Boarding involvement. Learn more about events in your area and how you can support the initiative!

Articles you may have Missed!

The Art of Standup Paddling by Ben Marcus – Join Ian Berger as he reviews a comprehensive book on standup paddling!

Ben Marcus’s book The Art of Standup Paddling trumpets that standup paddling has arrived. Until now, SUP books seem to suffer from trust issues. That is, publishers weren’t sure that this new sport was going to be a thing so whatever they published got limited support. They get small print runs and only black and white pictures. In this media-rich environment, they’re squirming for the surface for attention, fighting for shelf space with better marketed books.

But no more. The Art of Standup Paddling is a 21st century publication. Read!

Balanced Nutrition For Best Performance – Check in with our resident doctor, Audrey Lee, PhD for an engaging article on sports nutrition.

Do your food and drink choices leave you feeling energized throughout the day or are your energy levels up and down like a rollercoaster? Do you begin your paddling training or competition feeling energized? Do you finish your paddling training or competition energized and strong?

Audrey covers the essentials of maintaining the right balance in your meals to achieve your best performance. Read!

Paddling Events on the Horizon

  • 2-3 June: Tarn Water Race – Gorges du Tarn, France
  • 2-3 June: Maui Jim Ocean Shootout, Maui, HI
  • 2 June: Kahanamoku Klassic – Marina del Rey, CA
  • 8 June: 5th Annual Taylorsville Lake Paddle Battle – Taylorsville Lake State Park, KY
  • 9 June: Ventura Outrigger Challenge – Ventura, CA
  • 16 June: 17th Annual Jay Moriarity Memorial Paddleboard Race and Jay’s 40th Birthday – Santa Cruz, CA
  • 23 June: Morehead Paddlefest 2018 – CAVE RUN LAKE, KY
  • 23 June: Iron Outrigger Championships – San Diego, CA
  • 23-24 June: Santa Monica Pier 360 Ocean Sports Beach Festival – Santa Monica, CA

Last Look

Many paddling events involve a single discipline. Some have multiple divisions for different paddle craft. A select few, such as this weekend’s Maui Jim Ocean Shootout, engage participants in multiple disciplines throughout a single event.

What is your preferred format at a paddling event and why? Let us know in the comments field below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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