Amevie Bamboo Sunglasses: Sustainable & Charitable

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Amevie Bamboo Sunglasses

The inspiration for Amevie came from owner Ana Caracaleanu’s personal struggle with an autoimmune disorder. The disorder made her extremely sensitive to UV rays, a side-effect that the Canadian unfortunately discovered during a four month hiatus in sunny Southern California. And so, Caracaleanu set out to create a line of quality sunglasses that were sustainably made. She built the company on three pillars: quality, sustainability and charity.

Before launching the company, Caracaleanu spent a year researching suppliers and designing her sunglasses. To ensure her shades are top quality, all lenses are CAT 3, 99% UV blocking and are polarized. She designed the frames to be as light as possible and made sure the bamboo she used was sweat-proof and waterproof.

In a world that is constantly pumping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, Caracaleanu wanted her glasses to be made from eco-conscious materials. Bamboo is a sustainable material due to the fact that it grows rapidly and is found in a number of areas around the globe. While hardwood trees take 25 to 70 to grow back, bamboo can be harvested again in just 4 to 5 years. All woods used for Amevie’s sunglass are FSC certified. In addition to using sustainable materials, the Amevie team works hard to keep their office as paper free as possible and prints their marketing materials on sustainable paper.

Not only is Amevie a sustainably minded company but they are also a company that gives back. Amevie is partnered with Seva Canada meaning for every pair of sunglasses purchased Seva gives a pair of prescription eyeglasses to a child in need.

It’s safe to say that Amevie sounds great on paper but what you’re probably wondering is: How do they hold up on the water?

Caracaleanu sent me two pairs of shades to try out: the Dana and the Solana. Both are unisex glasses and both are fully made from bamboo, except for the lens. I kept the Dana and gave the Solana to my boyfriend to test out.

These glasses are extremely lightweight and comfortable—it feels like you’re wearing nothing! On the inside of each frame it says,”The sun is new each day.” It’s a small detail but I like it a lot. The polarized lens makes them a great option for paddling as they protect your eyes from the sun’s glare reflected off the water. The bamboo not only makes the glasses lightweight but allows them to float for a short time in the event they fall in the water. Not to mention, the glasses come in a super durable yet collapsible case so they’ll stay safe during your travels.

All in all, Amevie is a rad brand focused on providing customers with a quality product. Their shades are functional, fashionable, and good for the environment. What more could you ask for in a pair of sunglasses?



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