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Training, training, training

Danny Ching offers private lessons to paddlers in California and Florida. Earlier this week, Ching announced via Instagram he is available for private lessons throughout the month of March. As you likely know, several paddle athletes offer clinics and lessons from time to time. What many do not realize, is that a many of the athletes have fine tuned their technique at one time or another by taking a private lesson from one particular paddler – Danny Ching. As a member of the Lanakila Outrigger Canoe Club where Ching is the long time men’s coach, I can say from first hand experience that learning to paddle from Ching is an investment worth making. Whether you are a recreational paddler looking to learn or a competitive athlete aspiring to reach the top five in your next race, you will benefit from his knowledge and experience.

Protecting the environment

On Monday, the Malibu City Council voted to enact an ordinance to ban the coastal communities restaurants and food vendors from offering or selling plastic straws, stirrers and utensils to customers. As most beachgoers know, single use plastics are one of the major contributors to trash in waterways and along the shores. “This is a community based on its ocean and beaches and we want to protect those,” said Craig George, the city’s environmental sustainability director. According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, businesses will have until June 1st to make the change, swapping out the plastic items for ones made of paper, wood or bamboo. Going forward, diners in Malibu will be encouraged to use reusable straws and cutlery made of metal or glass. To learn more about environmental and sustainability issues affecting the paddling community, read our featured column, Keep it Green, by Rebecca Parsons.

Paddling events on the horizon

Is your favorite event listed? If not, let us know by emailing us at The SUP Examiner calendar includes paddling events from SUP and beyond held across North America and select events from around the world. Listings on the SUP Examiner calendar are free and always will be. Let us highlight your event to promote the sport of paddling!

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