Oru Kayak launches Lange Edition Coast XT

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Oru Kayak releases new design

Five years ago, inspired by an article about origamist Robert Lange, Oru Kayak launched the original origami kayak. Since then Oru Kayak has  refined their design, innovated new manufacturing techniques and redefined a category. This all culminated on March 15th with the launch of the 2018 Coast XT, Robert Lange Signature Edition, Oru Kayak’s most sophisticated kayak ever.

The limited Robert Lange edition Coast XT features a custom graphic inspired by Lange’s folding patterns. With major improvements to the assembly process, comfort and fit, and new safety features, the 2018 Coast XT is an incredible 16 foot kayak, that weighs 34 lbs, and fits in the trunk of your car.

New features

So what’s different about this model? In order of awesome to epic:

  • Deck lines
  • Thigh braces
  • Zipper channels
  • Entire fold pattern.

Built-in on every 2018 Coast XT, the thigh braces have been redesigned to be more comfortable and easily adjustable. The thigh braces are game changers when it comes to stabilizing your core, maneuvering in rough waters, and staying comfortable for hours in the cockpit.

Thanks to this design change, the assembly of the Coast XT is now almost as quick and simple as the Bay ST. The seam channels and side release buckles have been replaced with three simple zipper channels that slide onto the center seam, sealing the sides of the kayak together.

This new fold pattern was also adopted from the Bay ST. Oru Kayak eliminated space-wasting internal structure, without compromising strength. The result is a sleeker and lighter yet roomier kayak with extra rigidity around the cockpit – it’s easier to enter and exit, has plenty of legroom, and looks damn cool.