Gear Guide: Tested For You By Our Team

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Our personal gear guide, this stuff works, trust us!

Infinity New Deal: When thinking of SUP surfing, I can’t help but plug my favorite company Infinity SUP. Infinity has been shaping some of the most innovative designs in surf craft for more than 40 decades. If you are a SUP surfer and looking for one board that does it all, the Infinity New Deal is the board for you. Custom or production, you cannot go wrong. The New Deal is the real deal.

Cheeky Carlyle Swim: Nothing says summer like a new bikini and Rebecca Parsons has had the opportunity to test a few models in her column Keep it Green. Aside from simply offering cute and flattering suits, Cheeky Carlyle designs ethically made sustainable swimwear that holds up in all conditions. And the name is pretty cool too!

Electric Sunglasses – Charge: Electric is one of my favorite sunglass companies. They are based in Southern California, have great customer service and make an amazing range of shades. What more can you ask for? The Charge has been my go to model this summer for a range of activities from standup paddling to outrigger canoe racing and simply hanging out. Whichever model you choose, you cannot go wrong with Electric.

Rallt Hammocks: Hammocks are trendy and Rallt makes a fantastic packable model available in a range of stunning colors. Easily secured with a set of Rallt hammock straps, you can quickly set up your hammock while the rest of your gang is still flailing around with how to extend the legs on their pop up tent.

Hala Playa: There is a school of thought which believes inflatable SUPs are the future. Regardless of whether you agree or not one thing is for certain, the Carbon Hybrid Hala Playa has set a new standard for inflatable SUPs. If you are a new paddler living near the ocean who wants a fantastic board for touring and learning how to catch waves, this is the board for you. If you are an experienced paddler looking for the best designed inflatable SUP for surfing and exploring, this is the board for you. You will have a blast paddling this board. I guarantee it!


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