Gear Review- The WindPouch Inflatable Hammock

WindPouch, inflatable hammock, sup examiner
Photo: Jonathan Kemnitz

WindPouch Provides Convenient Comfort Anywhere You Like

There’s something to be said for the die-hard paddler that’s on the water sunup to sundown. But there’s also something to be said about pausing for a moment and truly taking in the beauty of your surroundings. Or at least breaking for lunch. For those moments, there’s the WindPouch.

WindPouch is an inflatable hammock made with polyurethane-coated ripstop nylon and coated in durable water repellent, meaning it will resist rips and tears in all conditions while remaining protected from the elements. It’s durability and limited lifetime warranty make it the ideal lounge chair for the beach, camping, snow trips, concerts, or even floating in the pool.

WindPouch, inflatable hammock, sup examiner
Photo: Rebecca Parsons

The lightweight hammock easily packs into a durable carrying case and includes a stake (use this!) and a carabiner that doubles as a bottle opener. The latest model, the WindPouch GO, includes a built-in pillow giving you a bird’s eye view of incoming waves, as well as a hanging side mesh pocket, perfect for storing your phone, book, drinks and snacks. No pump is required, as WindPouch is simply inflated with air or wind, hence the name. But be warned, setup can be harder than it looks.

We assumed we could set up our pouch without reading the directions, but we quickly learned we assumed wrong. After running up and down the beach for a spell with no luck, we pulled out the instructions and had our WindPouch set up in seconds. To inflate, you simply catch air in each sleeve of your pouch, roll the end to form a seal, and buckle to secure the seal. While it is easier to inflate with wind, wind is not necessary as you can create your own. If you still find yourself struggling, a tutorial video is available online.

Once you get the hang of it, setup becomes easy and is well worth your efforts. WindPouch is light and compact and is by far the comfiest seating arrangements I’ve ever had at the beach. So far, I’ve used mine in the forest, snow, and at the beach and it has yet to disappoint. Here’s to many more comfortable adventures!

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MSRP: $79.99



  1. Anybody looking to purchase inflatable hammocks, avoid; they are a scam. The products are garbage and they have no customer service to remedy their failures. I purchased two Wind Pouches (order 4184) for our family’s 4th of July vacation; I opened them, filled one pursuant to the included instructions and attempted to use same. My two grandchildren (10 & 2) sat on the pouch and it immediately exploded; fortunately, they were not hurt. Having said that, they are two small children and the pouch literally didn’t last 10 seconds; it tore open and the bladder popped out of the cover. It appears as if the materials and/or QA/QC were faulty or it was simply dry rotted. Further, all e-addresses and telephone numbers for the company do not work. They are still selling product but have NO customer service to resolve customer complaints or warranty issues.


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