Sensi Graves: Bikinis for Girls who Rip

Sensi Graves Bikinis, SUP Examiner, Rebecca Parsons, Gear Review
Photo: Vincent Bergeron

A Review of Sensi Graves Bikinis

I think every girl can relate to the struggle of finding a bikini that actually stays on. Bottoms down, top askew and another pounding set on its way…sounds all too familiar, right? It’s the worst. And it happens all the time.

So you can imagine my excitement when I first heard of Sensi Graves Bikinis with their slogan, “bikinis for girls who rip.” First of all, it’s empowering to women, so big points there. Secondly the suits are designed for girls who rip, meaning they must stay. Needless to say, I was curious, so I did a bit more digging.

Sensi Graves Bikinis, SUP Examiner, Rebecca Parsons, Gear Review
Photo: Vincent Bergeron

Long-time athlete and professional kite boarder Sensi Graves first began experimenting with swimwear designs in 2010.

I was coaching kiteboarding at the time and living at the beach,” Graves says.  “I was in a bikini all the time and while I loved wearing them, I would also get very frustrated when I had to do anything in them. They just weren’t designed to be active in. To solve this problem, I started designing what I knew would work and still make the user feel and look sexy and confident.”

Two years later, Sensi Graves Bikinis was born.

While starting your own business can be nerve-wracking, Graves was confident hers would be successful. “I’ve always been drawn to owning my own business and knew that if my product could solve a problem, it was worth pursuing. I was confident that if I needed a functional bikini, other women would be searching for the same thing. I was inspired to give it to them.”

I’m an avid surfer and paddler; when I’m on the water I want to focus on the waves and not my bikini. That being said, I decided to give Sensi Graves bikinis a go. I told Graves I typically opt for medium-coverage suits, so she sent me a bikini in a cute black and white print that she thought would best suit my tastes. My initial thoughts when trying it on were that it covered more skin that my other bikinis, but perhaps that meant it would stay on as well. Only way to know for sure was to take it to the water.

Before I tell you what I thought of the suit, you should know that I’m a pretty harsh critic when it comes to bikinis. The bottoms were in line with many of my other surf suits: they’d stay on well but roll back a bit in heavy surf. The top, however was exceptional. The cut and strappy back made the top stay in place perfectly, despite conditions. My recommendation when ordering your own suit would be to order the top in your standard side and order the bottoms a size down for a more secure fit.

Overall, I was satisfied with the bikini and found it to be a good stay-put suit for surfing and paddling. The Sensi Graves team is made up of professional wind surfers, kiteboarders, divers, and surfers. If the suits work well for them, I’m sure they’ll work well for you!


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