Gear Review: A Mini Tripod That Holds It Own

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The XShot Mini Tripod

Sometimes you need to prop up your phone to take a shot. Selfies, maybe, or a group shot? Unless you want that selfie stick protruding into your frame, your best bet is a tripod. But who’s got a tripod laying around for that special picture? They’re big and heavy, and they don’t fit your phone anyway. What’s the best answer?

They cool thing is that there is an answer. The XShot Mini Tripod is a nifty little tripod that’s a good choice for any selfie fan. It’s a tripod, but it folds up so small you’d hardly know it. When you’re ready to take that family portrait, rotate the two small legs away from the big one, and you’ve to a tiny stand. Your phone fits in between the tiny jaws of what looks like a vise clamp for repairing furniture. The clamps just attach to each side of your phone, you tighten it with the rubber cinch, and you have an instant tripod. You’re going to have to get used to the fact that the jaws will be at an angle, but that’s the price for it being as collapsible as it is.

xshot mini tripod, sup examiner, phone gear, camera accessories
The XShot Mini Tripod with Phone Holder

No, this is not professional-level equipment. It’s for you, and me, your best friend Jayda, your brother Mike, and your uncle Joe. Place it on a shelf and film yourself serving your grandfather his 80th birthday cake, complete with blowing out the candles. Put in on a coffee table and film your child grabbing your fingers. Mount it in a tree and get video of you playing catch with your son or daughter. Use it for a FaceTime call when you need to keep your hands on something else. The tripod is small and light, and that’s what makes it versatile, perfect for little moments when you’d want to set up a camera and forget it.

Paddlers could take advantage of this tripod in a couple of ways. If you’re a loner paddler like myself, video of you paddling is hard to come by. This would allow you to set a camera up on a dock or rock and paddle past it — a perfect way to get video of your stroke for criticism. It’s also good for filming yourself giving instruction to static group. It’s not ideal for taking on the water. The jaws are too narrow to grip a waterproof phone case or even a thick model like an Otterbox. However, if you’re going camping and want to record what you’re doing, this is a great little gadget to take with you. It weighs only a few ounces and takes up about as much space as two eggs.

If you need a small little tripod, this is a great little model. The plastic legs are sturdy and the rubber tightening strap should hold a phone fine. The joint that attaches the phone to the legs swivels to allow plenty of angle adjustment. I wouldn’t subject it to serious wear and stress, especially the rubber strap, but I wouldn’t do that to my phone either. So if you’re thinking of going beyond the selfie stick but don’t want to schlep around a full tripod, the XShot Mini Tripod with Phone Holder is a good choice.


Ian Berger
Ian Berger grew up in love with the ocean, so discovering stand up paddling was a bit of revelation. Once he bought his first paddleboard, he realized this was the sport for him. Ian Berger lives in Peekskill, NY with his wife Kirsten and three children. He teaches middle school English and drama, and also has a passion for writing, which he shares with his students. Every morning Ian wakes up to write — sometimes science fiction or comic Young Adult novels, sometimes plays, but very often about stand up paddling. The Hudson River is his home turf, and you can usually find him there when the weather is good.


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