Adidas Outdoor Collection: Water Sports and Cross-Training Apparel for SUP

adidas outdoor

Adidas Outdoor Collection

A longtime staple of great athletic gear and lifestyle apparel, the Adidas Outdoor Collection offers a number of items well suited for stand up paddlers. The collection focuses on Adidas’ strengths of sport specific footwear and apparel and while the brand has not [yet] entered the swimwear market, they have been making a concerted push into the popular outdoor sports and recreation arena. What I like most about the collection is its functional simplicity. Their water sports footwear selection offers a close-knit ensemble of well crafted items with unique and durable features built to last the rigors of an active water sports lifestyle. Similarly, the cross-training apparel is thoughtfully designed with performance and functionality in mind. I had the opportunity to review the collection at Outdoor Retailer and have savored the experience of testing a sampling of items from the collection. If you’re looking for women’s apparel for outdoor activities and workouts you could look at other sites like for some of the newest and most fashionable workout gear.

Climacool Jawpaw Slip On

These slip on water sports shoes have extremely pliable and protective rubber soles with a unique mesh adidas jawpaw slipons, adidas outdoordrainage system in the mid sole comprised of six articulated slats for maximum drainage. The Climacool Jawpaws slip on and off like a pair of slippers and the high degree of flex in the soles enable you to still feel your board beneath your feet. I tested them SUP surfing throughout Southern California in areas known for their rocky bottoms such as Surfrider Beach in Malibu, Sunset and the SUP Surfing mecca of San Onofre.

They are lightweight 6.9 oz (195 g) and have a triangle patterned tread in the shape of the Adidas logo which gives the soles a three-way flex not found in other water sports shoes. The three-way flex is my favorite attribute and the one which gives the Climacool Jawpaw a barefoot feel with the benefits of protection and comfort. The rugged rubber soles offer plenty of traction in addition to comfort and the rubber wraps around the heel and toe area for increased protection in your foot’s most vulnerable points. These would be a great water shoe for river paddling where foot protection is essential – I wish I had a pair last summer at the Payette River Games – and are also a great option for excursion paddlers as the rubber soles on the Cimacool Jawpaw would negate the need to bring a separate pair of shoes for terrestrial activity once your day of paddling is complete. I also recommend them for any recreational paddlers who prefer to wear footwear while paddling.

MSRP: $60,

Hydrotera Sandal

The Hydrotera is the big brother to Climacool Jawpaw. If you are looking for a little more protection adidas hydrotera sandal, adidas outdoorand comfort while still maintaining a barefoot feel, the Hydrotera Sandals are for you. Easily one of the most versatile water sports shoes around, these work well for stand up paddling, particularly excursions on inland waterways. If you want a water shoe that you can wear paddling one minute and hop off your board and hike to a nearby waterfall, the Adidas Hydrotera Sandals offer a one stop shop. The soles have traction and ruggedness of a lightweight hiking shoe, while the full mesh top section enables them to quickly drain away water as if you were wearing a pair of booties.

The sandals quickly slip on and are secured with a speed lace system; weight 10.2 oz (290 g). Adidas designed an articulated heel section which gives you the option to flatten the backs and slide your feet in like a pair of slippers. I recommend these “sandals” for whitewater SUP paddling and excursions. They also look great and could easily be worn around town after your next adventure.

MSRP: $95,

Xperior Vest

Ask any athlete in any discipline and they will tell you the importance of cross-training. Annabel adidas xperior vest, adidas outdoorAnderson regularly mountain bikes when she is not on the water (and posts a number of amazing photos to Instagram from her outings) while others run, play beach volleyball and paddle other watercraft to add diversity to their workout routines. There is a wide range of apparel designed to be worn in cooler weather and the autumnal air which [finally] found its way to Southern California in the past week made it possible to test out a third item from the Adidas Outdoor collection. This lightweight workout vest has a windproof soft shell front which offers protection against light rain. It is a great piece of apparel for cross-training workouts in cool weather where you want to keep your core warm while retaining the full freedom of movement and comfort in your arms.

The vest has a form-fitting athletic cut and a soft, thin layer of fleece along the back and side panels for maximum breathability during exercise. It contains three external zipper pockets for storing small items and inside the seam cords along the bottom hem for when you need to batten down the hatches and establish a secure fit. I like to wear the Xperior vest during morning beach runs when there is a bit of a nip in the air. I also wear it during flatwater paddling sessions on cool mornings to keep my core warm. It also works well to keep you warm after paddling and the pockets come in handy for holding your wallet, keys and cell phone if you have to run any errands before heading home after your paddle.

MSRP: $99,

Disclosure: SUP Examiner received samples of the Adidas Outdoor Collection items reviewed in this article, however, the opinions expressed are my own.

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