UB Super Aids Recovery, Provides Valuable Post-Paddle Nutrition

UB Super

UB Super

The selection of nutritional supplements, meal replacement shakes, and related performance enhancing products is a virtual minefield of claims and promises. Consumers are continually challenged with the task of determining which products, if any, are right for them and how they can be used to achieve a maximum benefit. Founded in 2012 in North Carolina, not far from the shores of the annual Carolina Cup, UB Super “aims to be the leading trusted source of protein superfood”. Their products are engineered with real foods as opposed to synthesized laboratory creations. They come in four simple and readily understood powder formulas: whey chocolate, whey vanilla, vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla.

An overview of the benefits include:UB Super

  • 11 nutritious superfoods (10 for vanilla flavor)
  • 16g grass fed whey & plant-based protein (15g for vanilla flavor)
  • Complete amino acid profile
  • At least 100% daily intake of nine essential vitamins
  • Antioxidants & fulvic minerals
  • Prebiotics, probiotics & digestive enzymes

A list of the ingredients in UB Super can be found here. The powder formula is intended as a meal replacement shake and/or post-workout recovery shake designed to be mixed with the beverage of your choice and is available in convenient, easy to use pre-measured packets and 15 serving canisters.

SUP Examiner’s Take

This summer I had the opportunity to test and evaluate samples of the “regular” chocolate and vanilla powder formulas. UB Super can be mixed with any beverage, but I preferred straight up water to keep the flavors pure and facilitate easy digestion as a post-workout recovery shake. The chocolate formula was my favorite and when I opened the last packet of vanilla only to find chocolate power inside I considered it a bonus.

UB Super provided one of their great shaker bottles to use when testing the samples. The shaker bottle works well and is a convenient way to prepare the shakes. I prefer my shakes to be cold and would typically take a separate bottle with ice water to use in mixing the powder. I had the opportunity to speak at length with Scott Kanyok, UB Super’s Founder, about the product prior to testing and found him to be a genuine and passionate individual whose heart was set on providing a sustainably sourced, nutritious, “real” product for consumers and he made himself available for follow-up questions.

Preference for the chocolate aside, both flavors taste great. Nutrition shakes are a good way to quickly provide your body with easily digestible nutrients and UB Super is a great product to help your body recover after a strenuous workout. The shakes are filling and go a long way towards staving off the immediacy of post-paddle munchies when you might be tempted to deviate from your regular meal plan and eat out on the way home. Learn more at: www.ubsuper.com.


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