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Wave Tribe Recycled Leashes

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Wave Tribe was founded by Derek Dodds and a tribe of fellow surfers to create top of the line products with the planet in mind. They make Hemp Day bags and travel boardbags, cork deckpads and traction, and recycled leashes. As the business grew, they began adding other surf-related hemp products to their inventory but in 2016 decided it was time to return their focus to the original trifecta.

In addition to rad eco surf and SUP gear, Wave Tribe provides their customers with free resources, travel guides, board shaping manuals, and surf travel resources. Bi-weekly, Dodds puts together free travel articles and he sends out an eNews blast featuring an international surf location each month.

Wave Tribe has a list of core values that make up the backbone of their company: surf first, travel to unknown places, be kind to the planet, respect others, express gratitude, embrace freedom, honor diversity, protect the ocean, listen to others, and always be learning.

The Leashes

Wave Tribe’s leashes are made from recycled plastics and come in 6’-9’ options for surf as well as a 10’ straight or coil options for SUP. These “strong like bull” leashes come with a one-year unbreakable warranty, are remarkably strong, and include a double swivel technology to prevent them from tangling.

I spent a couple of months testing out the SUP leashes in both the surf and on flat water. As claimed, the leashes didn’t get tangled and were plenty strong. They also include a key pocket which will come in handy during summer bikini sessions.

Wave Tribe is a good company that makes good products. They care about the planet and all of their gear is sustainably made. Also, if you visit them at their headquarters in Ojai they will buy you a beer from a local brewery. What are you waiting for?

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