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Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker from Hercules

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Spring is here and it’s time to dust of the paddleboards and bring them out of winter storage. Hercules, known for its line of wireless speakers, adds a bit of encouragement with the launch of its new waterproof bluetooth speaker, the WAE Outdoor Rush. The WAE Outdoor Rush is a waterproof bluetooth speaker designed specifically to meet the needs of paddlers.

Bury it in the sand. Not a problem. Immerse it in the ocean. Yep, it can handle that too.

Paddlers are always looking for more from their gear and Hercules has answered with the WAE Outdoor Rush: a brand-new audio powerhouse with a built-in FM tuner tucked away inside the speaker. It’s built tough to keep paddlers company wherever the water takes you. The WAE Outdoor Rush is 100 percent immersion-resistant (for up to 30 minutes at a depth of 3.3 feet/1 meter).

The speaker also floats, so you don’t have to worry about it sinking away out of sight. Hopefully you will never spend 30 minutes righting your canoe or paddleboard after flipping. But if you do, this waterproof bluetooth speaker will meet the challenge!

The WAE Outdoor Rush also lets you listen to music with its built-in FM tuner. This is a great feature for going places where you might not want to bring your smartphone along for the ride.

With the built-in FM tuner, you can listen to your favorite stations wherever you find yourself in the world – without the need to lug any extra equipment around with you.

Featuring a standard-size screw thread, this mobile and versatile speaker easily attaches to any of your favorite mounting accessories: bike mount, suction cup mount, tripod, etc. It is also fully compatible with a smartphone app enabling you to control the speaker remotely.

I’ve tried a couple different waterproof bluetooth speakers over the years and I really like that the WAE Outdoor Rush has a row of clearly labeled buttons to control the speaker’s functions. This makes it infinitely easier to use than speakers which force a user to toggle between features with a single button. The clarity and range of the WAE Outdoor Rush also outperforms similar products on the market.

The screw thread in the center of the speaker makes it easy to attach to your choice of mount. More often than not, however, I simply used the generous wrist strap to attach the speaker to my board or secure it to the bungees behind the seat on an OC-1. The speaker can also be used to charge your smartphone (in a dry location, not on the water) which is a nice added feature to have during long days outdoors.

In addition to the WAE Outdoor Rush, Hercules offers a range of other products designed to meet the needs of outdoor adventurers on land and sea. Learn more by visiting www.hercules.com 

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