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Trekz Air: Open-Ear Headphones

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The newest style of headphones is here! The open-ear Trekz Air by Aftershokz. The Trekz Air sport an open ear style which allows the user to hear what’s going on around them at the same time they can listen to their favorite tunes or podcast. You may be wondering, how the heck that works if they are open ear? Well, Trekz Air employs the latest in bone conduction technology. The headphones sit directly on the ear bone and transfers the sound. This design allows for maximum situational awareness as you use the product. As any active person will attest to, you need to be able to hear what is going on around you.

The Trekz Air themselves are fairly light-weight at 1.06 oz (30g). Aftershokz uses a titanium wraparound band which is flexible and provides all day comfort. The Trekz Air come with easy to reach control buttons on the right side to adjust volume, take calls, and skip songs. Of course, they can connect to any device via Bluetooth.  

PaddleXaminer first tested the Trekz Air while paddling this fall on Lake Dillon in Colorado. I jumped on my Hala Nass board with my phone secured in a waterproof pouch, connected my phone to my Trekz Air and listened to an Audible book for the next two hours while I casually paddled. The sound was crystal clear as I got into a good paddle rhythm. I was amazed at how light they felt resting on my ears.

I also tested the Trekz Air at the gym, raking leaves and on an airplane. I do not recommend using the Trekz Air on an airplane even with the ear plugs as there is simply too much background noise from the engines.

The Trekz Air come in four colors:

  1. Slate Grey

  2. Forest Green

  3. Midnight Blue

  4. Canyon Red

The product retails for $149.95 which includes the headphones, USB charging cable, ear plugs and sleek carrying case.

Overall, the Trekz Air are a great addition for any person who wants comfortable headphones with high quality sound.

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