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Matthew Chebatoris The holidays are a time of giving and spreading cheer but unfortunately a lot of the gifts we purchase are manufactured in ways that are destructive to our planet. Luckily, there are a number of companies committed to protecting the environment and paving the way for greener alternatives in the watersports industry. Here, we’ve rounded up six of our favorite sustainable gifts this holiday season. Patagonia Uprisal Crew Sweatshirt We’re long time fans of Patagonia for their co Matthew Chebatoris A Baja road trip with my NSP Cocomat longboard I’ve lived in southern California my entire life. Only 90 miles from the border and 100 miles from perfect, empty waves. And yet, I’ve never made the trip. Why, you might ask? Because I was scared. Plain and simple. My parents drilled into me from a young age that Mexico was dangerous. It’s not clean, their police system is corrupt, the drug cartel is running wild, yada yada yada until one day, I believed them. They’re not entire Matthew Chebatoris Environmentally friendly board range from NSP In 2010, NSP launched some of the most environmentally friendly boards on the market: their Cocomat line. The Cocomat technology allows the boards to be light for carrying and paddling yet remain strong and flexible for optimal performance. A lot of us prefer to make eco-conscious choices but we don’t want to sacrifice money or performance in the process. NSP’s Cocomat boards are available at a similar price point to other boards Matthew Chebatoris Skateboarding has many benefits for paddlers No time to make it to the water? Skateboarding, or in my case landpaddling on a 6’6” longboard, is a great alternative. Anthony Vela first introduced me to the idea a few years back. The benefits and cross-over skills were immediately obvious. I was a bit less enthusiastic about the potential for a broken wrist and wasn’t sure how well a 40 something newbie would fit in at the local skatepark. It didn’t take long, however, for thos Matthew Chebatoris Tips for beginner to intermediate SUP surfers My time as a SUP surfer has been relatively short. I’m just a regular guy out there in the lineup with my mind wide open and willing to learn. There have been a few bumps and bruises, a couple of shark encounters, but all in all it has been a fantastic experience. Reflecting back on the past couple of years, there are a handful of tips that stand out which are worth sharing so you too can have fun catching waves. Don’t rush. You’v Matthew Chebatoris From Doheny to Palos Verdes with the Infinity New Deal Autumn in Southern California is one of my favorite times to surf. The air temperature is generally warm thanks to a fairly reliable Indian Summer and the light takes on a golden glow. Most of the visiting tourists have long since returned home allowing the beaches to settle into a more civilized level of activity. The swell is still as unpredictable as always, Surfline forecasts notwithstanding, and locals jump at the wa Matthew Chebatoris Coastal exploration on the Hala Playa My favorite attribute of paddling the Hala Playa is the board’s versatility. The Playa is incredibly fun to surf in small to medium-sized waves. It also makes a great board for just getting out on the ocean and exploring. Importantly, because it is an inflatable, you can take it places no hard board could go. You can get off the beaten path and access what I like to think of as denied territory. That is to say, you can truly get out there Matthew Chebatoris Surfing the Hala Playa at the mecca of SUP Surfing is a great full body exercise. You work your legs and back as in a traditional paddling session. You also benefit from some cardio during the intense bursts of speed when you paddle to catch a wave. Let’s not forget there is typically a bit of effort exerted paddling back out, popping up and over oncoming waves and whitewash. All in all, it is a good way to loosen up the body and get your muscles energized. Could surfing be a Matthew Chebatoris The new Carbon Hybrid Hala Playa opens up countless opportunities As the initial wave of standup paddling spread across the United States, there was an undeniable push of brands and designs from the West Coast towards inland markets. Fast forward to contemporary times and we are beginning to see the first signs of a ground swell reverberating back towards the coast. Inflatable SUP technology is undergoing a transformation and from their home in the iconic Rocky Mountain town Matthew Chebatoris Tips for selecting your SUP surfing board There is a lot to consider when selecting a board for SUP surfing. Length, width and volume are the most common considerations at the forefront for most paddlers. If you are new to SUP surfing, you should look for a board which you can comfortably stand on in a wide variety of conditions. A common mistake is getting a board which is too tippy for your current ability or one which is only stable in certain conditions. This is true for Matthew Chebatoris Lightweight, packable hammock Hammocks are a hot item these days and it’s easy to see why. They are relaxing and few things conjure up the thought of a warm, beachside location than a hammock strung between two trees. I recently took a short road trip from Los Angeles to San Diego for an outrigger event and tacked on a couple of days to the front end to do some SUP surfing along the way south. One of the things I was looking forward to trying out was my new Rallt Hammock. Ham

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